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The Christmas Challenge

Published on 19 December 2020 at 07:00

This blog is for everyone who is alone at Christmas who is out of money. Anyone lonelier than ever. This blog is for everyone who is at home, with the children and has nowhere to go. For anyone who is sick or has gone through a traumatic year and goes !. This post is for all people who have experienced 2020 as a very big challenge.


You know, Christmas and of course the whole year 2020 is a challenge where no one is excluded.



For many people, Christmas 2020 is a challenge and you are not alone. But I think that's little comfort, it's just reality! You may be alone (for the first time). Or no money for a luxury dinner and so on.

It is also quite a challenge for me. I have been living on my savings for almost a year now, and only receive a small amount of support from the government. It is a great challenge to celebrate Christmas at all as a happy single and with two family members within the government budget!



I hope with this blog to convince you to also pass the shame!

To ask for help, to share your story, to express your emotions, feelings and so on. So that other people can help you. If you don't ask for help, it won't come.


I want to encourage you with this blog. Maybe it is of no use to you, but maybe you can do something with it!



I learned to really enjoy the little things over the years

I don't value money, wealth and Christmas presents. I value love, family and what makes my heart sing.


I go for a great (thrift store) new table decoration Christmas table.

Decorating the (received) Christmas tree with Christmas songs in the background and then singing along ... 

Keep the spirit high. Write gratitude notes and hang them in the tree! Read them to your guests, let them write gratitude notes too! No guests no big deal. You just read them to yourself or to spirit if you have a connection with them!  

Look at what you do have and not what you don't. "my grandma's tip blog post"

No money for a classic Christmas dish, luxury dinner. What matters is the way (with which thought) you serve it. Let your inner light shine, then everything tastes magical. It fits perfectly with the real Christmas thoughts


"Don't forget it", cry and embrace your grief, but don't get stuck in it ... The heavier you make it, the worse it is!


Do you want to talk about it do not hesitate and contact me or talk to the experience expert 

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