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The first insights

Published on 12 December 2020 at 07:00

I don't really like the title of expert status. Just because you think I only know what your legacy is at the end of your life! You are only an expert when there is no one else on this planet with the same / similar knowledge as you! ...


Receiving feedback in which you are called the Expert is nice and an honor to receive. “It almost makes me blush”. Collect it with a lot of love and pleasure.



Of course I also know that I have a lot of experience and have already helped a lot (people, coaches, mediums, dream clarifiers, etc.). They bring my knowledge into their own practice and apply my information and blogs. I also once started from scratch; that is different now.


When I started dreaming & visions in 2012; I was under the impression that all dreams really had something to say.

That it was true prediction and had really deep messages that made me grow spiritually. Now years later, many courses, workshops and insights, experience further ... My vision has changed and refined.


It's not that my first blogs aren't good or that I've changed my mind - you can see it as a more experienced concept.


Sometimes dreams are just dreams.


Dreams are a processing of your daily life. It is nothing more, it is nothing less. That also means that basically your dreams don't mean anything. No sorry, it doesn't mean anything.

You can see it this way, you can use the soul information to get to know yourself and to experience awareness of the fact that ....... Let dreams draw


It is soul information that you can recognize, so that you grow as a soul, grow as a person, and wake up spiritually or flow through. They are the insights into that which remains hidden when your ego is awake, as it were (waking existence).


When you sleep, your ego also sleeps - it is on the non-active - so that your soul is dominant, as it were. Your purest form, your intuition, your source, your base is open! It is the right time to open and discover all soul doors.


It is not for nothing that sleeping is the best mediation there is!

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