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Intention and Confession

Published on 5 January 2021 at 10:27

I must admit that I too have written articles in the past where my ego has been clearly present. In which I try to make my mark. In which I went along with the sleep or dream trend. Articles that I now review and review. Not that it is not good, but just does not fit in with the "living now", which actually flows further away from enlightenment than it brings me close.


Maybe it's the search for balance that I do my own work on weighing. It has been revised and reassessed. Now it is not so that it is not good. Rather, it is that there is a piece of ego present; where I now look differently than before.


I try more and more to find the balance and to be honest, sincere in my articles. Everything I have written so far was and is authentic. I can also have ego influence - just like any other people I have an opinion or sometimes even a judgment. Of course I do my best to be aware of this and to deal with it properly. It is not a blame to myself.


They are just the things that I experience more and more and consciously and take into consideration!


What is the balance between ego influence and complete "Now living". Your frame of reference has a major influence on this.

When I think about it, I come to the following setup for my dreams and visions intention.


The intention = in the beginning is to give 100%, without expectation
The intention = shifts to the demand of recognition and income (money)
The intention = is to achieve more and more people + goals
The intention = gradually shifts back to awareness of the fact that
The intention = questions about your intention and 100% giving
The intention = Finding balance


  Let me know what your thoughts are on this? .... Do you experience this too or do you have a completely different view of the search?

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