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Spiritual VS Ego

Published on 27 December 2020 at 11:30

One of the trickiest things is the balance between my ego and the spiritual. I found out in a violent way that if you become some sort of magnet for knowledge - you eventually lose yourself (ego) connection.


You can see it as floating on knowledge and being spiritual, as it were. Gaining knowledge is wonderful, but knowing too much will not bring you the spiritual growth you seek. In fact, it takes you further away from your life path than you had in mind. You can only grow if you also gain experience as an (earthly) human being and continue to do so!

It is not without reason that you chose to incarnate in a human body ... You could also have chosen a tree or a dog, for example. Your soul does not need a human body to grow spiritually - that can be in almost all earthly forms. Everything is interconnected - we are all on the same vibration.


Embrace your human body and your ego (human) learning goals, but stay in balance with your soul.


My personal explanation and experience of having too much knowledge, or over-analyzing. All my life I have been busy putting together the puzzle pieces of my 2 previous lives. I have been aware of this since I was 8 years old. I figured it out in detail. Initially made great leaps forward as a soul, but as I went deeper and deeper (un) consciously my ego statements took over.


It was so logical and I almost literally didn't hold back - I had worn out all the books on this subject. Reliving my past lives over and over again in detail and I also shared my knowledge with other people who were interested in it. I built my practice around it.


Filter out what's important, leave the rest for what it is!

 I booked a trip to Egypt to experience the last puzzle pieces there; with the idea then I feel and experience everything as a soul. I did not expect what happened; I landed in Cairo and while I was putting my feet on the ground split my soul in two. As if I was tearing off my ego ..... I had never been homesick before, but then suddenly I was and not so much.


At that moment I felt nothing, no recognition I had so hoped for, no visions or images. My soul just left me; my ego was the one that had taken the upper hand and thus had taken control. The realization came in like a bolt from the sky. My soul did not want this at all (it does not have to experience this again). it is!   

Live in the Now, Today !. Don't live in yesterday or centuries ago !. Don't live in tomorrow or in about 10 years!



My (I want to know it all) has just pushed my spiritual path the other way. The wrong over-analyzing a knowledge have life path. When I got back home from the trip, I recognized the problem. Little by little I learned to return (now balanced) to the connection between soul and humanity.


The search for balance remains a challenge that I would very much like to share with you through this experience.

Having knowledge is great, but don't let the knowledge touch your soul the wrong way!

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