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The online quest

Published on 14 December 2020 at 10:06

Last week I watched tarot reads, astrologers, mediums on Youtube ... I've always been sensitive to darning the holes in my socks. It would be nice to finally know if everything is going to be okay and to be able to tie everything together. Who wouldn't say that for yourself?

Last year I started to spiritually balance wool socks with an earthly life - unfortunately I haven't found the balance yet. Which meant that I couldn't resist the temptation to have an annual report made anyway.



But somehow it always ends with me in some sort of obsession with watching multiple tarot readings and even contacting mediums. Which means that in the near future I will fully focus on finding the right information. I really want to relate everything - think of it as over-analyzing. It is something I can do very well, because of course it is also part of my job as dream and sleepcoach is! The (sock) holes that still have to be darned first be closed. It must be logical and, above all, become tangible.



Every year it is disappointing, yes it never reaches me. It does not detract from the quality the mediums deliver! For the past 10 years my true love from abroad (A past life lover would come my way). He has been contacting me for 10 years now, and with whom I have to live together abroad and have a child. Just won't come, I think he's lost or something. Anyway, I've been waiting 38 years so an extra year is also possible. This year it would also turn out well financially, after 12 years of living on and around the poverty line, it would finally start flowing this year. 


Subconsciously I start to doubt, is it in balance - are you currently wearing wool socks that are thick? ... don't let life unfold and wait for what will happen. Stop darning the holes in your socks. 

Conclusion I'm just going to see what's coming this year. No more analyzes, just see and let surprise and look earthly. Will you join me? .. 

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