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Stop looking

Published on 23 January 2021 at 10:10

At the moment I'm really learning something new every day; and I didn't know that back with your feet on the ground could be so much fun. Stop looking for answers and insights. How great that I think it is just to leave things for what it is. Not to want to put puzzle pieces together and just put my ego aside. 


There is one thing that I have learned more clearly in recent times than I have before. Let go of the phenomenon and just really live as a human being. I am talking about letting go completely, as if you hand in a receipt with purchased groceries or any other living costs to the universe .....

Give it to them .........

Stop ......

Be quiet and don't think about it anymore.


Just have faith that everything that has to come your way; really comes! That which does not belong on your path in turn does not appear at all. No more worries about money, whether you will ever get what you dreamed or wished, just rely on life.

What a nice idea that your ego no longer has to search and is no longer in control.


Did you know that you receive a lot more signals when you let go and have complete faith in the unknown. Did you know that many people label it as loafing or naive, brash and / or maybe a fool.


But it is the opposite, it brings you balance between everything no matter what happens you "live in the now". not in the future or in the past. You don't worry about what is or is not going to come your way. Whatever comes your way will come whether you like it or not.


The question is therefore Why do you want to know the future? ....

Why do you want to know whether it will be okay, if you can also trust that you will not be skipped. The fear that you will not get anything. The winner takes it all mentality .... It depends on how you look! Maybe it is the fear that the universe has forgotten you or you that they do not consider you important enough and so on. 



When the whole world has everything, you experience the "I have nothing feeling" - then it's time you started living and really let it go!

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