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Spring sun dreams

Published on 11 April 2020 at 07:00

You can not ignore it but this is a very nice Easter weekend. We all enjoy the beautiful sunny days. The sun's rays are in sharp contrast to the corona virus we have to deal with. But that doesn't stop the sun from shining and letting his / her energy flow on our beautiful Earth. Pregnant and dreaming


Did you know that the first strong rays of the year indirectly influence sleeping, dreaming, meditation, visualization and so on!


This new energy takes you from old dream patterns;

It opens a completely new cycle;

Is meant to shake you dreamily;

It makes you tired, tired creative;

Have your dream seeds planted;

You get mountains with dream inspiration;

It opens your daydreams, visualizations (third eye)

Blocks puzzle pieces / wishes / dreams that do not belong to your situation.


It is a powerful energy that can be experienced both positively and negatively.



Keep a close eye on your daydreams, dreams, meditations, Dream Manifestation, Dream Manifestation visualisations and so on in the coming days - you will open, as it were, a new cycle that will bring you a lot of information to get you started. In addition, the heat naturally also has an impact on your entire body, which, as it were, wakes up and takes on a new status. You no longer wait, you take action and start planting seeds so that you can harvest them later. Winter Sleep (Hibernation)




Due to the powerful new energy, it is very wise not to fall asleep during the day while sunbathing!


Because the spring sun touches the top of the suns; which is intended for slow, slow planting. The energy that flows on you is very intensive and therefore has a dreaming influence. In addition, you sleep less at night because your overload of energy cannot flow away and therefore affects your sleep, brake sleep. So it may well be that you lie awake, experience too much energy and overflow with inspiration and so on. Stress Sleeping



At the time of spring keep your dream diary or sleep diary extra well - it gives you even more insight into what you can expect for the rest of the year on dreams, visions, daydreams, meditation, visualization and so on.

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