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Vacation in the dream picture

Published on May 5, 2019 at 12:43 PM

A dream or vision about vacation tells you about the need for a moment for yourself and to relax. Another explanation is that this dream or vision also tells you that your desire to escape your responsibilities is high on you and that you are truly ready for a moment of rest in your life. Another explanation is that it also tells about family affairs, a personal relationship that you have experienced or are experiencing with them right now in your life.


Dreams and visions about vacation reflect how you feel at this moment, how you are in the situation and / or what you need. Creating reflection and peace and space in your life is a must. An alternative explanation is that vacation dreams and visions allow you to look at the situation in a different way through someone else's eyes or that things are not seen in black and white but positively and so on.

Yet another explanation is that you experience an awareness of the fact that you can make choices, that you are responsible for your life and so on. An additional alternative explanation is that the holiday indicates a new period, new rounds and new opportunities.  

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