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Eagle in The Dream Picture

Published on 20 June 2019 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about an eagle tell you something about the way you approach others; that can be from the height and great, but from a positive attitude. Another explanation is that the eagle stands for dominion and wants to experience freedom in your character traits or in a relationship.

With the eagle you must not forget that you are projecting yourself on the eagle: you represent the part of the animal.

Dreams or visions about an eagle tell you about the future. An eagle in your dream or vision means prosperity, improvements, an inner high flight and the recovery of knowledge. You take a dive and take a lot of risk - a jump into the deep maybe - which can be reckless for other people, but you know very well where you want to go in your life.

The Eagle represents spiritual growth and development; have a totally new perspective on life; wisdom and insights that nobody else has are reflected here.


Dreams or visions about a brown eagle tell you about a good foundation and start towards a project wish, dream, idea or opportunity where you will throw a lot of high eyes.
A white eagle in your dream or vision tells you about a new beginning, the limitless possibility, cleanliness and a good start in the project that still needs to take shape. But also about beauty and being innocent or casual, or wanting to be the fool in the story.
Dreams or visions about a black eagle tell you that you can experience difficulties, that your plans, wishes, ideas, will not go smoothly. You first have to overcome the obstacles you encounter, but you finally manage to do it.

If you are attacked by the eagle, it tells you that you correct yourself for your behavior, you are attacking yourself; your emotions, your problems, feelings, opinions but also your character traits are viewed and reconsidered.
The Sea Eagle (The largest and most magical of all eagles) has a white head and represents emotions, feelings, magic, creative source of life, spiritual growth. Being able to view the big picture, new vision or improving ability to see, hear, feel and experience, and deep personal development.


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