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Seashell in the Dream Picture

Published on August 5, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Dreams and visions about closed shells tell you about security and safety but you do not show your true self or your feelings; you are therefore blind in your confidence to the outside world. The pleasant events in your life will lead to repentance and bad memories. An alternative explanation is that you try to protect yourself against pain, you close your heart, your true self emotionally.


Another explanation is that the shell represents the womb of life; the connection with the universe, water and deep healing of all inner experiences and wounds from your past, past life and last but not least from the now.

An alternative explanation is that the shells are a signal to a life on or around the sea or a soul mission that has to do with water. But it can also be a reference to a mermaid, mermaid soul command and connection. 


An open shell that you find in your dream or vision is a very positive message: you have found a treasure with regard to your true heart! It is success, happiness, wealth, golden hands and inner wisdom that you can bring to something beautiful.

Walking along shells and collecting them in your dream or vision tells you about extravagance and taking a risk in your life, which can sometimes lead to something beautiful, but you can also come out of it badly.

Finding two shells in your dream or vision tells you about your feminine and masculine energy that is balanced. You find the balance between your male and female side; between your introverted and extroverted side, or your passive and active part, positive energy and negative energy etc. Another explanation is finding a partner and a twin soul of your phase of life.

Three shells in your dream or vision tells you about the power of three, three times you get back what you have given. The connection with the universe and the hereafter. Spiritual growth and healing come your way. You are fully supported and you are entering a new phase of life.

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