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Dream Energy Week 36

Published on September 1, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Every soul color counts, everyone is important, is part of the big picture - together is much more beautiful than just right? 

This week you will be challenged to have compassion for everyone involved including yourself. They act from the highest good, the best that is currently possible. Can you break old patterns this week and break free from old unhealthy thoughts - take a look through the eyes of other people.
It is a week in which you form a new self, create a new basis full of compassion and pure soul color. It may be that you come across someone this week that you initially think might not suit you at all.


But soul colors blend completely with each other and form a beautiful whole. Every soul is important regardless of the external appearance. This week you learn to look at everything around you in a different way - people, animals, nature and so on "it forms a new basis for the bigger picture". 

You are mirrored this week, someone brings a colorful challenge, colorful learning moment, colorful start of something new that forms the basis of what you have been working on lately. Perhaps you are the colorful person who brightens up, helps and supports other people. Also have compassion for yourself, your own soul colors, feelings, emotions, past lives and experiences. Spiritual growth, enlightenment comes into being when you are able to see all soul colors as how they are truly pure from the source, basis, heart, soul.   

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