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Submarine in the dream picture

Published on 7 September 2019 at 07:00

Dreams and visions about a submarine tells you something about the spiritual and emotional way you look at life and how you look at a situation.
Another explanation is that a submarine,reflects the understanding of your deepest emotions, feelings, experiences, past lives and the womb of life.

As it were, you travel through your own soul, source, base in search of ..... or becoming aware of the fact that .... protected by the universe, god and / or with which you are connected. You are looking for a protective floor, the new, out-of-the-box thinking.


But you can also think of the development of as yet unknown forces, properties, experiences and possibilities. Another explanation is the reflection of the challenge, trying, learning, understanding, figuring out and everything that has to do with life. 
Dig a little deeper moment, you sometimes have to go through a certain layer before you get there, where you need to be and / or before you can find the answers you need. 
Another explanation is the transition between feet on the ground and new unknown things in life, feminine energy that is clearly present in your life. Water reflects the womb of life, the beginning, the basis, your start, your soul. Without water there are no chances for new ideas and fertilization of your plans and wishes. The submarine submarine also tells you something about finding other dimensions, new worlds, spiritual growth and development from your source, your base, life purpose. 

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