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Pine cone in the dream picture

Published on September 10, 2019 at 7:00 AM

A dream or vision about a pine cone tell your inner strength, food, grow and develop. Harvesting your plans and wishes, the right time to do business.

Another explanation is that the pine cone connects to the pineal gland that reflects and gives life force and energy.

It is a spiritual connection growth and development process that reflects the seat of the soul (refers to the staff of Osiris) There are many different beliefs that make a reference to the pine cone.
The pine cone indicates the highest state of enlightenment, but also firepower, passion, feelings, emotions and the connection with different dimensions and awareness of the fact that.


Yet another explanation is that the pine cone can be seen both positive and negative, black and white, giving and taking balance - good and evil, death and rebirth. An alternative explanation is that a Pine Cone refers to dragons, demons, eternity, untamable and limitless.

Dreams and visions about beech nuts, acorns (nuts) tell your inner food, grow spiritually and develop from the highest form. Supernatural powers, magic, wisdom and the connection with the universe, gods, god and / or that with which you are connected. Another explanation is fertility, and the male energy, libido, sexuality and desires. Increasing, growing, glorifying your gift, powers and spiritual development. 

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