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Dream Energy Week 39

Published on September 22, 2019 at 7:00 AM

The Flow flows around you in various ways this week. You may feel as if you are swimming against the waves, going under and getting exhausted.

You can also experience the feeling this week that everything is going smoothly and that even the highest wave is not a challenge for you.

It is a week in which you have to listen, feel and see which way the waves of life flow.
However, the question is do you follow the flow or swim against the waves or do the waves support your dreams, wishes, ideas and so on.


Some things are just the way they are and you just have to accept them and trust that it will eventually hit the bottom; so that you can find and reuse the pearls between the fragments of the past.

Don't try to hard (heart), let it flow and wait patiently, your time will come. Let go of control, throw all limitations, fears, traumas overboard and see where the ship is stranded. Go With Te Flow is the theme this week that carries the upper and lower tones.  

Let it flow into your life, it doesn't matter if you flow back a bit; have faith that it is the right flow !. Flow flows from the deepest and purest core and has unique healing properties. All you have to do is accept and have faith regardless of the situation you are in.  

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