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Bear in the dream picture

Published on October 2, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Dreams and visions about a bear tell you about clearing your mind and trying to create space or peace in your life, but especially about having an introverted lifestyle. Another explanation is the warmth, family, memory of your youth or having experienced a lack of attention.

Don't forget that the bear is a project or a reflection of your own true feelings, emotions and sorrow, so you are the bear yourself.

A bear also stands for a high level of hug that you need in your life. Or warmth that you have never had in your youth and that you feel lack of. In addition, the bear also tells the different cycles in the life of independence and growth.


The aggressive bear in your dream or vision therefore tells you about the power that you possess to overcome your anger, aggression and obstacles


 You can also think of perseverance to get to where you need to be in life.
A dream or vision that you are being chased by a bear tells about aggression, but also about overwhelming obstacles and competition that you cannot control. You can see yourself confronted with a threatening situation. You yourself are the ones being chased, you are aware of your own behavior or influence on the situation. It may, of course, be an alternative that you feel that you may or may not be who you really are; as it were, you run away for yourself and that beautiful person and energy that flows inside of yourself. 

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