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Dream Energy Week 41

Published on October 6, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Turning inward this week is the challenge, taking time for your dreams, daydreams, meditations and especially for yourself.

A pass at the place but especially work on yourself. It's time to find yourself back. You can also think of agenda management, planning, arranging, organizing and scrapping everything that is not necessary. 
Let the manifestation, affirmation, visualization just for what it is, ignore you. Let the warmth of the inner fire burn. It's time to enjoy the fall, the changing energy and the silence that you touch.

It's time to gather new energy, take care of yourself and recharge, get ready for the winter or the quiet period in your life and / or cycle that you put into.



Retreat, comfort and warmth are important to you. Like a blanket the calm energy falls around you, do not make decisions but let it develop quietly, become clear, visible, tangible and so on.
Experience irritability and protection; HSP, hypersensitivity are central this week by listening to yourself, be careful and close the outside world. Withdrawing and bringing in the heat are very important now, as it were you can recharge yourself for the right moment.

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