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Rain in the dream picture

Published on October 7, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Dreams or visions about rain tell you that you are expressing inner emotions, problems or feelings, you let go of the problems and you come to rest. Another explanation is that emotions prevail and you no longer have control over the situation. 

The rain reflects how you feel, how you feel in life and / or in the situation. Isolation, being stuck, being limited, opposing and seeing no possibilities. An important explanation is fertility and innovation in life. Yet another explanation is that rain stands for overcoming small obstacles that you have had difficulty with until now. 


An alternative explanation is that the rain also represents sexual needs, pregnancy, fertilization and deliverance. A spiritual explanation is that rain reflects the connection with blessings, revelation and creativity of your dreams and wishes.

As an alternative explanation, the rain can also represent the challenge of being yourself, your inner child who wants to play and allowing the Out Of The Box into your life. Look at it differently than you did before; awareness of the fact that you can approach things, situation differently. 

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