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Dream Energy Week 42

Published on October 13, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Plotting new connections, lines, connections and joining energetic forces with like-minded people are an important dream energy theme this week. As it were, you weave a web of things, people, situations that are important to you. You see connections that give you strength and you break through unhealthy connections that cost you strength and energy. 
After a week of retreat and taking care of yourself, it is now time to take action on your findings, life lessons and take care of yourself. Breaking and attracting the right things; take the first step to let the intermediate energy flow to what you really want in life.

Finding the common thread can sometimes be a challenge, you won't find the beginning of the web just like that, connecting the ends with buttons and then splitting if necessary is the challenge this week.

You manifest quickly this week, you attract new things this week. But you are on your guard, you no longer go for the nice talk, continue on the old tour, you no longer do unhealthy patterns !. You can make the right connections and creations yourself, as long as you listen to your heart, your source, your base and keep listening.

A loving dream greeting,
Marjan Klop founder and Blogger

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