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Chrysant in the dream picture

Published on 22 October 2019 at 07:00

Dreams and Visions about a chrysanthemum tells you about the way you are in life, heart-oriented thinking, feeling and experiencing. Living from your intuition and your deepest core.
The chrysanthemum reminds you that you may be grateful. It makes you aware of the inner happiness, being together and cherishing the connection of everything you have.
The intense experience comes up when you see a chrysanthemum in your dream or vision. Another explanation is that the chrysanthemum is connected to seeing and experiencing blessings. You can also think of family matters, karma, past lives and / or old memories.

The spiritual explanation of a Chrysanthemum reflects the connection with your deceased loved ones, the afterlife, the memory of what was and the processing of it.

The Chrysanthemum is connected to All Souls' Day, the universe, dimensions and cherishing everything that has left your earthly life. The eternal connection always remains, in your heart you stay connected so that we may meet again. 

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