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Dream Energy Week 44

Published on October 27, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Enthusiasm is the next step you take towards a new life, view it through the eyes of a child, see the innocence, be open to a completely new situation, new world. This week you can take the risk; you can also take time to view everything from a distance. It is time that you have faith in your choices, your new steps are deeply connected with your intuition and especially with self-love. 
The signals you see are not for nothing. The puzzle pieces fell into place last week and now you go one step further.

Alternatively, it may be this week that you put the finishing touches to what you want, seeing the signals and / or putting the life puzzle together, don't worry; you'll get there. It is not a competition or time-bound - you can redo it all your life. Your life ship sails out, you step on board or are you just waiting? .. It is all good this week regardless of what you choose.

Know that you are in the right place at the right time. Self-love, playfulness, innocence and following your heart are the first steps towards sailing out with confidence, crossing the ocean with the waves sailing towards the unknown.
You start again, as it were, without fear you continue knowing that this is the right one. Continue to connect with your playfulness, self-love, your cheerful energy and intuition, your source, your basis.

Keep paying attention to the signals and go step by step not for the big jumps but for the simple little things. Ask for help if you have doubts, pray, meditate, visualize, daydream and listen to your feelings. Let in new adventures and know you will be guided as you discover the new innocent playful world.

A loving dream greeting,
Marjan Klop founder and Blogger

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