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Dream Energy Week 45

Published on November 3, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Girl power and Wise Leadership are coming this week. Changes are waiting and / or have become visible. That which you dream of is tangible and it is the time to actively participate, to use your leadership qualities and to trust your feminine energy and perseverance.
Combine your caring energy, sensitive energy, power, insights, knowledge. Go for it; don't wait for someone else to take on the leadership. Drink enough water, take care of the womb of life - the flowing source of your dreams becomes tangible if you drinks drinks and cleans sufficiently. 

This week you will learn that you can be gentle, sensitive and sensitive and yet have bold successful leadership qualities. Taking girl power and time to listen, consider, be sensitive brings you many new things, opportunities and possibilities this week. Go straight to your goal, listen to your lower abdomen (womb) and be surprised this week.
Girl power moments like these are for everyone, both men and women.

A loving dream greeting,
Marjan Klop founder and Blogger

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