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Journey in the dream picture

Published on November 9, 2019 at 7:00 AM

If you dream or have a vision that you are going to make a journey, this tells about the reflection, reflection on how you stand in life and what you have achieved, what you want in the future and what you have all experienced. Another explanation is the development, the inner journey, the way to the unknown in your life, finding your life's purpose, your dreams, wishes, ideas and destiny.
Dreams or a vision about a difficult journey tell you about experiencing obstacles, problems, difficulties and the life lessons and possibly incompetence that you encounter towards your wishes, dreams, goals and ideas. Bringing new energy, new possibilities, old knowledge, wisdom, experience on the road to the unknown.
Dreams and visions about planning a journey tells you about the way you are in life at the moment. You plan life's path, destiny, destiny, spiritual and outer journey, the next steps that you are going to take. Awareness of the fact that you ... ... want this and / or that you are on the right track in a certain situation. Plotting a trip tells you something about your heart and what you should / may do regardless of what the situation is at the moment.

A dream or vision in which you are traveling tells you about the awareness of the inner or outer path that you want to go to your goals, wishes, dreams and ideas. The journey is a reflection of your progress in life. An alternative explanation is your daily routine that repeats itself.
If you dream or have a vision that your journey comes to an end, this will tell you about the successful completion and completion of your wishes, dreams, ideas and the path to your goal. 

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