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The power of dream mantras

Published on 6 December 2019 at 07:00

A few weeks ago I started canceling dream mantras. Not that I never used a mantra to get my energy to get high and / or mindfulness to flow everything in my life. No, I have been using mantras for much longer, but I have never let it flow from the dream energy and let it develop from the dream world.


I have now learned that mantras flowing from the dream energy are just as powerful as in waking life and / or during the day when you meditate and so on.

Sleep better, dream better is supported by dream mantras.


Use a dream mantra the moment you want to go to sleep, if it doesn't flow for a while. The moment you want to touch and especially keep the inner happiness, mindfulness.


But Marjan is a dream mantra different from a regular mantra - yes and no. A mantra is a mantra regardless of when you use it. But let me explain a dream mantra you only use before sleeping, during a relaxed daydream moment and / or conscious meditating moment so that the energy flows better and relaxation is very important to me.


Through a dream mantra you strengthen your happiness, your energy, you reverse the negative situation, relax from your soul, your source, your base. You and you can fall asleep, meditate, visualize and so on. Are you able to make yourself aware and so on. You can also see it as putting yourself in a different energy.


Do you have a dream mantra just like me? ..

Dream mantra exercise



Step 1

Start writing your own mindfulness dream mantra!

Keep it short, sweet, simple and straightforward.

Listen carefully to your intuition and think of the positive. For example, start with me or another personal wording. A mantra is personal and flows best if it really fits your own energy and situation you are in. Do not just copy a mantra that does not fit intuition, feeling, source, basis.


Avoid open questions, avoid sentences that are too long, avoid too many expectations and too many questions in 1 mantra. You can then make a better choice, for example, to use two separate mantras in your daily sleep routine.


Say your mantra! Repeat it, what do you feel- will your heart sing? ... No rewrite it, focus and connect yourself with your dream energy. It does not matter if the writing of a dream mantra does not succeed at once - perfection arises after a few times of practice and that money for a mantra as well.

I often use the mantra myself. I am taken care of, everything will be fine I don't have to worry. But you can also think of ....


Everything is perfect as it is, I am completely in balance

I get more and more relaxed with every breath.

My mind and body are ready for sleep.

Today's experiences help me grow.

I let go today.

I go to sleep peacefully and relax.

My body is calm and my mind is calm and relaxed.

My body is a source of rest.

Where I am right now is where I need to be.

I have full control of my emotions.

I am surrounded by love and support.

I now put my thoughts aside.

I breathe in peacefully and breathe out very calmly.



You can of course also use mantras for many other purposes, strengthen your day by using mantras to get your energy back on track - positive learning processes and moments that break through old (unhealthy patterns).

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