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The first step to change

Published on 6 November 2019 at 07:00

You probably know it, you want change and now! You are looking for that golden formula or the amazing miracle pill that solves everything in one fell swoop !. We all want that, but it doesn't work that way in theory. You are the only one who can change and fix it. You are the key to transformation yourself. The nice thing is that your dreams, daydreams, visions and sleep are the first step.

Marjan ... Why are dreams the first step to change?


Let me explain to you that when you sleep you are fully open to your deepest fears, desires, your source, your base, your past, your grief, your emotions, feelings, trauma and so on. When you sleep you are deeper than deeply connected to your subconscious that you have hidden during the day. What you fear, what you don't want to face and so on.


But you can also think of the fun things! So you can see it as follows, when you sleep there is no control of your ego, your human controlling blocks. This disappears (reduced) when you sleep, as it were the control freak is on pause.


So that you can give everything a place and even solve it. The answers you are looking for can therefore be found during your sleep. Provided you open up to this and actually want to get started. Practice makes perfect, but everyone can consciously dream, grow and develop from your deepest core, source and intuition and / or there with which you are prohibited

Sleep is the best meditation there is.

* Dalai lama 


If you are depressed, anxious, stressed, sad, emotional, burnout and so on. Then sleep is the deepest and most healing possibility there is. The moment you sleep you are no longer in control, you are in a place between places - between the dimensions, so to speak.

Not in control in the right place to investigate and find out your deepest fears, experiences and so on, to give place in your life / mind. In addition, your body completely relaxes from head to toe, your chakras and aura relax and heal themselves.

When I was depressed I wanted nothing more than to sleep, dream and withdraw.


Go and guess for yourself, maybe you also had a moment in your life when you were not feeling well !. What did you really enjoy doing at the time, Sleeping? ... resting, lying on the bed, withdrawing yourself .... You probably now also say yes .... I did that or I want you to please * exceptions except of course. But most people (in depression and variants) subconsciously switch to the automatic protective reflection that is associated with sleeping and healing.


Are you feeling uncomfortable go to bed an hour earlier! ... Sleeping well is the first step to healing, healing and really getting to know yourself.


Take it from me, this is more than usual (I did it too and it felt good!). In fact, it is the right and first step to get out of the negative spiral. I am talking about the first step, there are of course many additional steps that are important that you can take.

* Always discuss it with a specialist !.

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