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Sleeping with a full moon

Published on 11 October 2019 at 07:00

The full moon brings female stimuli and makes you fall asleep worse and / or even sleep, meditate, visualize and / or visions. Learn to let go during the full moon and experience the unique power of this beautiful silver energy. It is the emotions that give us a moon sensitivity, it is the stimuli that just get too much and don't flow away properly.


Learn to move with the moon, look at the positions of the moon and experience how the cycle is connected to your body, your being, your dreams, meditations, visualizations and so on. During the full moon you can embrace the change, you are more productive, more successful, more creative in letting go of unhealthy things. Detaching and experiencing progress from your deepest core. than at other times in the cycle of life.


In addition, the full moon of many people also causes fatigue and hypersensitivity, irritability and stress. Are you hypersensitive, HSP, new age child and so on then you are much more often bothered by the positions of the moon - every new energy touches your whole being. Embrace it, learn to deal with it by doing my exercise and you will see that you sleep better and more peacefully than before.


Enjoy the beautiful powerful feminine energy that is creative and intended to be used and especially to let go of everything. Fertility, creative, caring and self-love flow to you all you have to do is allow, let go and embrace.

Full Moon Exercise

Step 1
Write down what you want to let go, write down everything you want to say, bother and so on.



Step 2
Just before going to sleep, look at the full moon and enjoy it, hold up your note and let the silver energy shine on your note. Let the feminine full energy and stimuli of the beautiful silver sphere come to you.


Step 3
Embrace the gray shimmering sphere and let the energy flow through you into the earth !. See it, feel it and experience it and let go of the note + that what you have written is not on the full moon. The silver glow flows down from your crown chakra and through your feet into the earth so that it subsides again. As it were, it drains from your body so that all stimuli decrease and are easier to handle.


Step 4
Massage your feet and drink a glass of water before going to sleep.

Your feet are at the basis of dissipating the tingling energy, water cleanses and cleans up, ensures that the body can give back overstimulating to the cycle of the rhythm of the moon and life.



Step 5
Good night and sleep well, know that the moon will decrease tomorrow and that normal energy will flow again.

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