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The healing energy of dreams

Published on 10 June 2019 at 21:59

You probably know it "Dreams and Visions are often a serious topic of conversation". A topic with a serious undertone and / or I need to know what it means; a challenging puzzle piece that must fit into the entire story right? ... 
The story must be accurate and / or correct. Just think how do you experience your dreams and visions? .... Why do you want an answer to that burning dream or vision question !.

What if I tell you now that dreams and visions regardless of whether you can find the puzzle pieces or not have a healing effect on your soul that falls deeply into place. On a conscious level it may even be that you do not understand it and / or cannot place it, then know that your subconscious (soul) does understand.
So it does not matter that you cannot touch everything, place it and / or experience the depth of it. Your subconscious (soul) knows exactly what is going on. From the inside, you have been healing old wounds, past lives, inner conflicts and questions of life for much longer.


The healing energy from your soul flows through on all levels in your life whether you are aware of it or not. Layer by layer, you stir deep in your own sea that flows and sometimes makes waves and that the other times is calm and calm. All layers of yourself, your soul experiences intense healing and healing every time while you sleep, vision, meditate, visualize and daydream. The beauty is that your soul works slowly from your deepest waters towards the surface for so long that you are ready at conscious level to put the pieces together.
You can be an experienced conscious dreamer; and be able to explain and experience every dream or vision in colors, but that does not mean that you are also aware of the fact that you have probably been engaged in hidden healings and healings for years / months. There are deeply hidden secrets within yourself that your soul wants to get to work that have never appeared in your dreams and visions. Your dreams, visions reflect everything that you have been doing in daily life and / or past lives.
Your soul assignments, your soul challenges, and so forth, come calm and flowing offerings every day without your perhaps not being aware of it. "experience the healing effect of your dreams and visions" by simply knowing that you have been taking a deep step forward from your source, your soul, your base for a long time in what you can get to work in your life. 
You can experience the healing energy of dreams and visions more if you also fully open yourself to the still waters within yourself.


Dream Healing exercise

Step 1

Patience - behind the horizon - at the right time - the possibilities and answers appear. Do not force anything or pressurize anything because this causes blocking and stagnation.


Step 2

Becoming aware that everything you want is saved and saved; in the womb of life "your source, your base, your soul" Know every prayer. Every request for help is answered through your dreams, visions, daydreams, meditations, visualizations.


Step 3 meditate .....

Relax and sit in a meditation position and / or a relaxed position! ...
Put on music and / or burn incense, fragrance oil etc. to evoke an atmosphere
Take a deep breath, take a deep breath.

See yourself standing by the sea; see yourself standing with your feet in the earth and wiggle your toes. The sea reflects yourself, your inner source, your base, the womb of your life. "The deepest connection with your soul!".

Then in your mind you continue walking towards the sea, feel and see yourself standing with your feet in the sea and wiggle with your toes and / or whatever you feel like.
Take a dive (do this without fear, knowing that you can always return to the beach).

Dive deeper and deeper - maybe it gets dark and / or feels unsafe but you have to go through it! ... See / feel that you are supported by yourself (your soul), your guides, helpers, angels and / or there with whom you connected around you, know that they are with you even though you may not see them.

This feeling of uncertainty is the emotions, past, fears, obstacles and this can be quite intensive; these are the "healing" life lessons that have not yet come to the surface. If you don't dare go back then go !.

Go deeper until you see light again and if you can sense things by touch ....
Because now you have found the womb of your life (your soul lessons) and here you will find the pearls of tomorrow !.
Now you have an overview of the answers to all your questions; search in these ruins (without fear) and know that this is your pure and deepest self! ....

Go up again when you're done; unpack the things you've found !.

Repeat this again later, because you are never done with treasure graves! 

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