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Dream Teacher

Published on April 23, 2019 at 10:25 PM

You may be wondering "What is a Dream Teacher". It may very well be that you have never even heard of the term dream teacher! I will deliver you from your question marks. A dream teacher is, as it were, your subconscious private companion during your brake-sleep period. It is a kind of shadow dream or vision copy of yourself. Imagine!. You go to bed with the idea that while sleeping you want to be in a personal area of ​​your life.

You know it, you want insight into that one little thing you bump into. The intention that you put down is reflected by your subconscious on your deepest inner self during your Brake sleep. "Your shadow side, your hidden self or your dream teacher".


It is that part of yourself that you do not see in your waking life, that which the outside world does see, that which you keep deeply hidden.
Your dream teacher can be a baby, child, teenager or adult, it just depends on what you want or need to work on during your dreams and visions. Every teacher is a reflection of your shadow side, your fears, your traumas, your hidden secrets, your learning goals and so on. Just for the sake of clarity, you are the dream master yourself, you are teaching yourself something as it were - you are trying to make something clear to yourself, you are helping yourself, you are guiding yourself and so on! Dreams and Visions are always / exceptions, a reflection of how you feel at the moment and / or what you encounter in daily life.

Now you might think so? Everyone has a dream teacher.

Yes everyone has hidden features (shadow side) that guide you to find out more about yourself. It is not for nothing that your dream teacher and dream master often appear in your dreams and visions - sleep is the best meditation that exists ... ... You make the biggest steps in life by getting to know yourself and therefore also with your dream teacher and dream master. He / Being takes you by the hand and shows you what you are hiding, what you can learn, what your fears are and / or what you encounter.


Do I have a Dream Teacher every night ?.

Yes you always have a dream teacher, only this is not always actively or consciously present in your dream or vision so that you will remember this guidance while you wake up. A pursuer, the person who attacks you, the person who robs you of something, etc. is also a reflection of your own drea teacher. You learn something the moment you dream, so you make yourself aware of the fact that ... ... you guide yourself, you deprive yourself of something and so on.

A nice exercise !.

Ask your dream teacher why he / she is here! .. And so you get an answer from yourself and the shadow becomes a revelation and disappears as a life lesson, dissolving karma, letting go and becoming aware of personal growth and development. Let yourself be guided, walk hand in hand with your dream teacher and you made great strides, you open your personal hidden packed life lessons as it were. 


Have you ever had a conscious experience with your dream teacher ?.




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