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Ssstt Listen to your dreams

Published on June 16, 2019 at 11:56 AM

Dreams make a lot of noise in your soul, in your waking life and in your daily life. Sometimes it's a familiar song, sometimes it's a soft tone and / or maybe a strong beat that you just can't get out of your head.
Dreams are more than just images and words that you want to decipher.

Dreams speak to your soul, your deepest imagination. They tell you something, give you the opportunity to discover a new part of yourself. Finding the right answers and gaining insight into the underlying feelings, emotions, desires and so on.
Take the time to be quiet today and let the dream flow in silence - you will see that you receive the answers, insights spontaneously via signals and "awareness of the fact that" ..... "Yes", now understand I it.

Find the silence in your dreams, find the silence in your head and discover the wonderful connection that comes about when you relax and just let it flow. Every dream sings its own soul song - it's up to you to discover it and learn to play, dance to it and grow with it in your own way. Turn in when you have dreamed, write down your dream in a dream diary for inspiration "Dream diary"
Take time during the day to be quiet, ... Ssstttt listen to yourself and open your mind to everything that wants to flow out.
Try to focus on silence, no thoughts, empty and tranquility "let the soul song arise, flow and public".


Silent dream exercise

Silence can be deafening ,. be frightening and intensive; so take time to become quiet by first relaxing and allowing the silence.

Find a place in and around your house where you can be yourself, "For a silent dream meditation you must Be Especially Yourself".

 Computer, telephone, radio, TV, clock, radio off; no distractions and especially no energy flowing from outside.

Create an atmosphere where you can fully relax; it may be that you want to burn incense, listen to meditation / nature music and so on.
Sit upright with your feet on the floor (bare feet), back straight; this way you stay active, aware and still.

Empty your mind and start relaxing for fifteen minutes ... .... Every time you practice this you can be silent longer and experience more silence dream answers / soul music.


Pay close attention to your breathing and let it flow from your stomach at a calm level - breathe in and breathe out gently.
Notice that you relax well and that the silence in your head / body starts singing into a beautiful whole.
Try not to pay too much attention to the thoughts that will play in your head / body, .. do not rule it out but let it flow into a whole. Keep it under control because silence does not come with words - practice beard art.
After fifteen minutes you will return quietly, take the time for this! .. write down the experience that you have in silence! ... let the words touch the paper and not your thoughts !. Let the silence flow through and experience the beautiful silence dream energy. 


Let the silence help you through the day, let the silence explore and explain your dreams!

Precisely because you are silent; puzzle pieces fall into place, your dreams become visible, tangible and clearer than ever before. By listening to your soul song you no longer have to search, find answers and solutions - they just come to you. You immediately know that your soul has spoken, because it comes from your deepest core, your basis and that is always correct, pure and radiant. 


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