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Find your goal in 3 self-coaching steps

Published on June 21, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Are you looking for answers, to the question? .. What am I doing here on earth, What can I do in this life; Which life assignments can I carry out, and so on. Then the Find your goal (life goal, spiritual goal) in 3 self-coaching steps are really something for you to try and discover yourself.

When you get started with this, you take the first steps to become aware of the fact .... you are going to make it realistic - make it tangible and above all gain insight into the direction in your life.
The direction of life that is passed on to you via signals, your lower abdomen, your soul.


Coaching step 1 

• Take pen and paper and write down the following sentences
• What do I really enjoy doing the most?
• What is my unique talent or talents? Eg what are you good at, what qualities do I have.
• What is most important to me?
• What things touch you? positive but also negative things
• What makes your hands itchy?
• What do I really dislike doing?
• What is my life purpose, or what life goals do I have?
• Why do I want or can I find my life's purpose?
• What is my final goal?


Sit in a good chair and relax, breathe deeply in an out.
Then think carefully and write down the words (you have more talents so more answers are possible).
Also write down your physical response! It is important that you listen carefully to your heart and not to your mind; so your physical responses give the truth away, not your brain.
This coaching step is therefore not easy because you write down faster what you think spiritually but not what your deep feelings are - ask Spirit, the universe, your guides, helpers, god, gods, angels, ascended masters and so on to help you with this.
How do you know which words are the right ones; repeat a word a few times in mind and then listen to it.
The warmth in your heart betrays the right answer etc.,
Listen to your body for example getting warm, shaking, feeling in toes, hands etc.
Itching and / or urge, energy to do something etc.,
Calm, relax, get warm etc.
Pain, stinging, cold; so the errors are answers!
Keep practicing when you are completely relaxed you write the right ones that come to mind or feel physically coming up.
This is part of your life's purpose (at this moment) your life's purpose changes every time you have learned something new or have closed a period, something new comes your way again.
The Coaching step therefore provides insight into your true self and your physical response, and you gain insight into the influence of your brain on the body. And of course you find your purpose in life, why am I on earth, what can I do in life, what have I learned and what am I still going to learn.


Coaching step 2

Affinate just as you did during the diary keeping only then you go deeper into it !. 
If you affirm, you always repeat a personal positive statement or wish to make for yourself. You put it in your memory, as it were. The (sub goal or goal) is clear: positively influence your thinking !.
An example of an affirmation is saying to yourself "From today there will be success in my life" If you are convinced that this is really going to happen and you repeat the message regularly, then it will become reality. It sounds incredible but you will see that it works.

By repeating your personal positive statement or sub-goal, you tell yourself how or you want to feel, behave or what character trait you want to possess. Another advantage is that you yourself become aware of inner striving for self improvement.

Example of positive affirmations view the affirmation list that I have placed on the page.

• I am caring
• I am able
• I can lose weight
• I am loving
• I am creative
• I have talent
• I am strong
• I am beautiful
• I am enthusiastic
• I am relaxed
• I am brave
• I am generous
• I am full of energy

How to apply !.

You can apply affirmation very easily. You can do this to write a short sentence or positive word on a note. And repeat this at least 10 times a day and do it for 1 week !. Keep your note in a special place and only throw it away when you have reached a (small sub-goal).
Affirmation is positive thought and then especially (words or sentences) put into effect.


Coaching step 3

Manifest and visualize
You must have heard of manifesting; but what is actually manifesting really, in short: Manifesting and visualizing is the activation of your dreams and wishes, idea.
It is nothing more and nothing less; but just surrender your dreams and make them clear to yourself, Spirit, the universe, your guides, helpers, god, gods, angels, ascended masters and so on
If you ask for help from Spirit, the universe, your guides, helpers, god, gods, angels, ascended masters, etc., they will help you prepare the steps you need to take to make your dream come true.
You manifest by dreaming and daydreaming and thus visualizing these wishes.

A number of examples of manifesting or visualizing.

See the move for you.
See the nice new job for you.
See climbing a mountain for you.
See a stack of coins in front of you.
See the diploma for you.
To settle the fight for you.
See a nice car for you.
See the dream career for you.

How to apply!

Visualizing is taking an image, your dream, wish, idea for spiritual eye (that which you want to achieve)
It is very important that you do not have to see the dream in detail; so don't make demands. Leave those details to Spirit, the universe, your guides, helpers, god, gods, angels, ascended masters, and so on. They will work for you which is even better than you can dream and expect in your life.


 It is much better to repeat your dream a few times in succession, so that the wish can be realized.
Now that you have desired, close your eyes!
Try to see yourself on a timeline, but remember to keep the picture in mind. Breathe in well and then walk to the point on the timeline that is real.
When do you want your dream or wish, idea to come true.
It is important that you really mean it because that moment will manifest your dream or wish and idea.
Then it is set for the future, you are going to live there now, and prepare for it. At the right time it will adhere to your public. And you will see that you get what you wanted or even something better.
Then continue to manifest and visualize your dreams by writing daydreams, wishes and ideas on a piece of paper and thus making them time-bound and realistic.
Record a date of wish to realize (but not too far ahead!) Because the chance that you will achieve it is getting smaller; your wishes, goals disappear as time goes by, and especially weaken and are no longer realistic. (you forget it or have no time left because your life has changed) So no more than 3 years ahead!Light a candle in the color that you like, fold the note and tell yourself that this date will work to realize your wishes and dreams. You will see that these will come true or even better than you could have imagined. Make your wish in an envelope; that you only open when your wish has come true. And blow out the candle (tea light) again!

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