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"Coach yourself in 7 basic steps"

Published on June 25, 2019 at 8:02 PM

A good coach listens to you and mirrors you, asks you questions you are confronted with so that you experience an awareness of the fact that you are the key to change. Yes you can! .... You can make yourself powerful to change.
Being in your own strength "Coach yourself" gives yourself the confidence to let your pure self shine, to stand in your strength and to do that, to do what you have always dreamed of. I have developed 7 basic steps that can easily help you to get more balance in your life, to experience change and so on. That which you want, that which you need and that for which you are on earth at this moment.


Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the most beautiful in the whole country - I myself, I am strength and pure without fear of losing myself.


You can break through unhealthy patterns by coaching yourself
You can learn how to stand in your own strength
You can teach yourself to love yourself, to make your voice heard to the world without fear.
You can teach yourself to believe that you are important
You can teach yourself that you earn as much as everyone else
You can teach yourself to break through negative spirals
Say a "No", say yes to what you want
Set your limits
Small steps make big leaps
Expect miracles through thought power affirmation

"Coach yourself" Basic step 1

Tidy up. By cleaning up your house, your office, your car, etc., you make room for something new. As it were, you block yourself by piling up old unhealthy energy, not cleaning it up so that your energy cannot flow properly. So before you start developing yourself - CLEAN UP, Clean up and make sure that your environment does not retain negative old and unhealthy energy.


"Coach yourself", Basic step 2

find insight into patterns and your thoughts. As with many things, change is connected to yourself ... You are the key to change and transformation and you find it in yourself. Yes you have to gain insight into yourself. How do you do that? ... by taking time for a diary or notebook in which you write everything down. So pay close attention to your thoughts, feelings and your body, they are the key to the first steps forward. 

"Coach yourself", Basic step 3


look in the mirror and what do you see ... Does this image match what others see with you, or what you think you see. What advice would you give the person in the mirror - what advice would a 5-year-old child give you? .... Write it down.


If what you think, what you say and what you think are in harmony - that is happiness.


"Coach yourself", Basic step 4

Make time if there is no time; The moment you are very busy - there is no time for inspiration, power, flowing energy and especially no time to be yourself. Let yourself shine, Shine Your Light-It's take me Time when it is not possible and you will see that you can do a lot more work and / or connect deeper with yourself. So when everything is stressful, that everyone wants something from you - quit and even if it is just for 5 minutes.

"Coach yourself", Basic step 5Cancel affirmation 3 times a day so that you, give yourself a boost and then you also learn the power of thought power. You break through negative patterns, thoughts and the feeling that things don't go the way you wanted. In addition, through affirmation you will express your deepest desires, you will live to it and make plans


An example of Affirmation is

• I recognize and embrace the new opportunities that are now present in my life.
• I and only me, determine what is right for me. If I think it is right then I will stick with it.
• Today I see opportunities everywhere.
• I have the power to change for the better, and I do that now.
• I trust my pure feelings, and stand firm when I follow them.
• I release all fears about love.
• My life is a learning path that I follow as a student with passion and courage. I do my best to learn more every day and that is getting better and better.
• Wherever I am on this planet, I am always safe.
• I no longer believe in pain and sorrow, I now believe in well-being and prosperity for myself and others.
• Money is love that is allowed to flow, it now flows towards me and through me.
• I see opportunities everywhere, of abundance, I experience prosperity and I am blessed.
• My voice and opinion is heard, I am as important as everyone else.
• I now free myself from destructive fear and doubts. 

"Coach yourself" Basic step 6

Live from your heart, live from your I; what do you feel when you live from love - give from love and find your primal power - we all have a unique power, a unique assignment and a unique ego that is very happy to express itself, and as we grow and develop, we sometimes lose that ego and / or comes under pressure because we adapt to society. But to set limits, to coach yourself, to put yourself back on the right path, you have to learn to return to basics

Ask yourself the question

Who am I! ..... What does my lower abdomen feel when I look deeply into myself? ...... Not thinking but feeling is the motto here ... .. Feeling and experiencing; let your body speak.

Doing your best is more important than being the best.


"Coach yourself" Basic step 7

Say no, set limits without fear of hurting other people. Sometimes there are things that do not flow, that limit you because you adjust yourself, do it over and over again because you do not have the courage, strength at this moment to choose for yourself. Say no to everything that keeps you from your goal and say yes to what brings you closer to your life goal, dream, wish. Did you know that when you say yes again and again you not only put yourself down, but also the person you are helping block, stagnate and negatively influenced so that the energy does not flow well - so you not only have yourself with it but also the other people.

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