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The influence of Leylines on your dreams

Published on June 28, 2019 at 7:04 PM

Everywhere on the beautiful earth, energetic lines are also known as ley lines. The leylines provide energy flow that is supported from all elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air. It flows over the yellow earth, as it were, only this flows in via lines and continues to flow.

The beautiful ley lines and power places have a lot of influence on your charkas, your soul, your body and your dreams, visions.

Different types of energy, operation and radiation are created on these lines. If these lines touch each other, a place of power is created. You can think of the 3 great Pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu and Glastonbury.


The ley lines ensure your physical connection with the energetic world around you; it causes you to stand on earth, your chakras to flow, that you are human and that you are connected to everything and everyone (including your guides, twin soul, soul group, like-minded, karma, your past life, your next life and so on) .


If you sleep, live, live, work, etc. on a leyline or place of strength, this will have a spiritual and especially energetic influence on your dreams, visions, meditations, daydreams, visualizations and manifestations. The vibration on a leyline is very active and has extra effect on what you dream, vision and so on. On and around ley lines and places of strength you come into contact more easily with your helpers, angels, gods and nature, realms or the galaxy and / or that in which you believe and with which you have a connection.


We also have leylines in Europe, but these are less known than Stonehenge than - But they are real and they are very active, strong and powerful.

It can ensure that you are more open to spiritual life, but also that your connection to the dream, daydreams and vision world is much greater than if you are not close to a ley line. The stronger the leyline is, the more powerful the energy flows out of it and the more you as a dreamer, visionary, pick it up and get to work with it.


You can therefore receive pure messages, insights or healing on the ley lines. Every Leylijn and / or power place anchors a different kind of energy on earth. It therefore has a specific purpose for the evolution of man and nature. Spiraling energetic vortexes are perceptible through the power points and ensure that the veils between the visible and invisible world become and are thinner. So it may well be that your house, your bedroom, your meditation room, your workplace, office is on a ley line and / or even in a place that has not yet been discovered. Your dreams, visions, meditations, visualizations, manifestations, etc. are more powerful, intensive and aware than anywhere else!


So to answer the question why dream, vision, meditate, daydream, visualize, manifest, and so on I in one place better than in another place then this can very well come through the ley lines and places of power. Of course there are plenty of other reasons, but I will not take this into account in this blog post.



It is of course also true that when the energy of a ley line is too strong you can experience a negative experience.


The more you connect yourself with your soul, your heart, your base, your chakra, the 5th and / or higher dimensions, the finer it flows and the more you learn, receive and expect personal growth. You can shut yourself off for energy, but the ley lines are there and you can't get around it, they are among the most powerful connection there is on this earth. For hypersensitive people it can be a challenge, teach
yourself how to connect to ley lines and power places in a good way.
"let your guides, helpers, gods, angels and / or
with whom you are connected help."

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