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Feng shui supports your sleep rhythm

Published on July 5, 2019 at 7:00 AM

You have probably heard of Feng shui or sleeping / living / living in a house where life energy can move freely. The ancient Chinese philosophy is feasible and applicable for everyone in your own bedroom (you can of course also implement it throughout your house).
You remove everything that is superfluous from your bedroom, so that the energy you need while sleeping, living, etc. flows better. Everything has a function, but above all everything has inspiration - You form your environment and that environment forms you. This interaction creates inspiration.

Maybe this is a good time to find out what this means for you - what do you experience, see, feel with this sentence above.
Fortunately, it is not difficult at all to create space that can flow well, so that you immediately notice the difference.

You fall asleep better, you experience a better brake sleep, in-depth meanings of your dreams and visions and you wake up fresher, so that you can also act better during the day. In addition, balance is also very important, it is not just tidying up, cleaning and creating tranquility !. It is much more than that, provide hard and soft energy in your home. Or the feminine and masculine energy "Yin and Yang". The male energy is the life energy Yin and the calming energy is Yang female energy. If these are in balance, the Chi flows fresh.

The five elements (which make up the cosmos) & the properties that go with it

Fire - triangle - red - yang - lighting / fireplace
Earth - square - yellow - balance - earth, stones
Water - wavy - blue, black - yin - glass, fountain
Metal - round - white / gray - yin - metal accessories
Wood - standing rectangle - green - balance - plants, flowers

The bedroom is mainly Yin and that means that the bedroom can radiate the following characteristics
Feminine energy, soft, calm, nourishing, receptive, wet and dark - simplicity and calm breath that flows to you in a loving and caring way. With a little bit of Yang you take care of the balance; for example, lamps that are present.


Simplify (Feng shui) your bedroom in small steps.

Start removing trash you have on your bedside table today! A bedside lamp and an alarm clock is more than
Do you still want to have a reading book; then choose to provide a conscious place that is really important. If you now have a bedside table with drawers, "Do
not stop your bedside table full", this causes disruption / blockage of

You will see that you sleep 10 times better, fall asleep, dream, daydream, vision and so on. Everyone wants to wake up better and fresher.


It feels lighter, more spacious, cleaner and it flows much better. You learn to connect yourself better with, vulnerability, the naked truth, your pure self, your soul, self-acceptance and harmony, fewer hidden corners in your life, less chaos and more purity, clarity and purity from your deepest core. Also choose lighter colors instead of screaming Purple or Pik Black - basic colors for the wall and / or functional products and so on.

You have more than enough superfluous stuff in your bedroom as well - ask yourself? .. What is in my bedroom that is not necessary? ...


Everything that has a function can stay "everything that makes you happy also counts ". Making happy is also a function. Then you should not think of your smartphone and / or tablet that have no function see for more information about influence from social media and lights in your sleep. So view per product what I feel, what I experience, is it functional and what is it for, and so on. So listen carefully to your body and soul; only you can find an answer to this. Also read Back to your sleep nature

Make sure your bed is free from the wall; so that you can walk around your bed on both sides; never lie with your head to the door; but with your feet so that the energy can flow away from your base chakra !. Another nice fact is that when you have been ill there may also be non-flowing energy !, so open the windows, clean blankets, vacuum clean, clean up and let the energy flow again. Also think about your wardrobe.
Clothing that you have not worn in months is not functional; they hold old energy that you don't need "it blocks your flow, as it were." No mirrors, too many paintings or photos on the wall disrupt your sleep, your sleep, your brake sleep and the energy.  

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