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Sleeping with the Alphabet dreams method

Published on July 16, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Do you sleep so hard, your head stays full, does the flow of thought not stop the moment you relax and try to sleep ?.
You have already tried different ways of falling asleep and nothing succeeds. Counting sheep, relaxing, no outside influence etc. help you but despite all the exercises, information you still do not sleep well!

I have been sleeping very easily for years now. I relax immediately and almost immediately fall asleep - dream lucid and so on ... That sounds very logical of course, I have not been an expert for years. I have tried and practiced many methods and so on in recent years. In the meantime, I dare to say out loud that I am skilled in many forms of sleeping, falling asleep and meditating.

But that does not mean that I never have a sleepless sleep. Especially if after drinking too much caffeine I can no longer immediately get to sleep because my head and body remain active - the thoughts jump from hort to her and so on.


A few years ago I fell asleep with the Alphabet - I call it the alphabet dreaming method. Since this discovery, this form of relaxed sleep - after drinking too much coffee - has been at number 1 of my favorite sleep methods.
It's hard for you to fall asleep, if your head is too full of all the impressions of the day, keep rattling your thought, don't fall asleep
Even if you are hypersensitive, the Alphabet Dream method is a good and especially easy step to fall asleep quickly and calmly.
The alphabet dreaming method is suitable for adults and children



The alphabet dreams method.

Step 1 Go to sleep relaxed, empty your head (if only for a minute)
Step 2 Think of the alphabet and choose 1 letter from it
Step 3 Next you will come up with words that start with the letter you have chosen
Step 4 ... A ... Monkey, Anvil, Attention, Extension, Other .... and so on
Step 5 .. You can no longer think of A ... words, then continue with the letter B (Your personal choice, so if you want to start with Z, that's fine too).
Step 6 finally relax and start making mistakes with words and let go and you fall asleep relaxed.



The alphabet dream method ensures that your train of thought is shifted - you force yourself into another thought - you have to think of words to finish your alphabet. Which means that you no longer think about your daily worries, stress, etc., but focus on words that start with an F. The difference with other methods is that counting sheep, for example, does not cause your focus to be moved to automatic pilot. We can all count; it's too easy. Coming up with words is a challenge, take it from me; that it is successfully falling asleep !. 


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