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The power of embracing your pain

Published on 20 July 2019 at 07:00

Do you want to experience the pure power of embracing your pain, just like you do! Reflection, loving, heart-oriented thinking, mindfulness and perfection are an important social lesson in our already busy existence. If you are not feeling well, just go and say positive affirmations in front of the mirror.

"I am so happy, I am doing so well, I am putting myself in a positive energy sphere", It really helps you, your energy flows again and everything seems to flow again - you attract miracles, manifest, visualize unique opportunities and possibilities anyway! .. However, there is also an important turning point in this way of putting down your energy

You ignore, as it were, your failures, your mistakes, your lesson in life, your fear, your emotions. That does not always matter, but there are also very important things in life that you simply cannot solve with a smile and flowing energy.
Many coaches may teach you the opposite of what I describe in this post. Positive thoughts provide new energy and ignore the past, the personal baggage with pains and sorrows that belong and may be there.  


It makes you who you are, who you were and who you become.

The great masters and international experience expert agree "positive affirmation and thoughts help us now, but not in the longer term". They do not teach us to embrace the mistakes, failures and to appreciate yourself as you really are. You have to fail, because you can do something very stupid in life to become, for example, an expert by experience, powerful, victorious and so on. You must be prepared to climb the mountain on your own; only then can you be the status of happy, successful person.

You can put it differently, when you are deep in a valley, then you can boost yourself for a while - when you sleep you unconsciously dream about that one subject that is hidden deep within your soul. Karma, past lives, and soul blockage from old, non-embraced pains can have a great deal of influence on the way you feel and how you stand in life.

The negative experience is there; they don't go away, they just keep going. Just as long until you are able to face it (again). In fact, you almost never put on what you want, but the exact opposite spontaneously comes your way. Just think, ... ...


Let me take myself as an example, my life is and was one that was meant to be lonely and failing. The path I consciously chose is meant to carry it alone and failing, only to climb the mountain (see my blog how it all started 1 and started 2). Then you would say "no one needs to be alone", no that's certainly true !.

But it is an (un) conscious choice that you can embrace and therefore change into an empty backpack that is simply present and that you can be proud of ....
What do you say, yes, as a human being we want to feel pain, feel sorrow; it gives us the feeling of living have a purpose. But in reality we do it to ourselves because this is the only way our egotics learn. Only when I embraced the lonely and failing thing did it fall away from me. When I let it go I put on what I wanted deep in my heart and before I couldn't get it done and now I do.


It is there! and it remains, I have chosen to do many things failing and alone. I consciously chose to fail, to make mistakes. I don't care how long it takes - I get there even though it takes 80 years. I embrace my backpack, I am proud of it and it makes me exactly the way I should be !.
 Coaching is a beautiful way, visualization, manifesting and so on is a wonderful possibility that you can use at the right time - but don't forget that the past, pains, sadness, emotions are not there for nothing. Precisely when you embrace, there is room in the direction of what you really deserve, need and so on.
"Do not ignore your soul pain, soul choices and life lessons, they are there and they keep coming, going and coming again"

Ask yourself!

Why am I not feeling well? ....
Why do I feel that way? ..
Why am I reacting like this? ....
What is the underlying message - No, this is not due to outside influence ..... your environment, your colleagues, etc. The answer actually always lies within you.
The answers you provide are the first steps to embrace your pains that flow deeply from your soul, your source, your base.
It is not that positive affirmation, thoughts, mindfulness is not the right method and / or that it is not suitable! As long as you do not forget that pain, sadness, suffering, loneliness, failure, etc. are part of your life. When you embrace this, a new energy will flow that continues to flow from your source. You heal yourself, as it were, your soul, your basis so that your affirmations, mindfulness and so on come out better.

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