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Showering and dream energy

Published on July 18, 2019 at 7:00 AM

There is nothing better than going to bed and / or after waking up to take a shower, take a bath and let the water flow its healing dream over your body. The signals, visions, insights come as the water flows and immediately raise awareness of the fact that .....

The combination between water and being relaxed provides a wonderful dream of inspiring, healing energy. A connection that you make deep from your base, your soul, your source when you let water flow over your body.

Energetically you not only clean your body but also your aura, your chakras and your soul. You connect yourself with the womb of life, fertility and deep soul cleansing that ensures that you connect yourself with your purest energy without restrictions and erected walls. 
If you flush water over your head, you open your crown chakra connection, as it were, and thereby ensure a connection with the higher spiritual and let your guides flow. So that you suddenly get insights, visions, signals that you do not receive in your waking life.


It is not for nothing that showering, sauna and bath are the most healing dream way to experience. It ensures that your entire body can experience the deepest connection that is possible. You connect every little tingling sensation with your energetic body that relaxes completely and can unwind through the water. The moment you really relax you are capable of picking up energy, signals, visions, information, knowledge, wisdom and so on. In addition, showering, bathing the naked truth of your soul, your human body.

You will not get it any purer than this and therefore it is the perfect way to connect yourself with your dream energy, vision energy and your guides, helpers, universe and / or with which you have a connection. You re-connect, as it were, with your entire being, every fiber in your body, your energetic body and your soul.

This exercise ensures that you get better in your body, that you connect deeper with your dreams, visions, soul, your guides, helpers and so on. Better dreaming, more conscious dreaming and visions starts with showering and bathing. You probably have to practice a few times before you actually experience the receptive status of nothing, relaxation and signals, images, words that appear in your head, crown chakra, forehead chakra.


Dream Water Exercise.

Water "heals the psyche of life" heals, heals, opens, renewed, the womb of life flowing powerfully and cleanses your soul, your base and your physical appearance from the deepest spiritual core.
Step 1

Shower, bath, let the water flow and relax - for example, close your eyes and / or what you do to relax.

Step 2

Go underwater with your head and / or let the water stream flow over your heads. Feel the water over your head, hard, abdomen, arms, legs, feet, toes; it touches all senses and flows away into the shower drain.


Step 3

While the water flows through your entire body; relax your head, release the focus, stress, emotions, blockages, the thoughts knowing that they flow into the well with the water sample. This is the moment that you let everything go. The status apart from control, focus and the moment when you touch the deep connection with your soul, your base, your source, your heart and / or your guides and helpers - with which you are connected. 
Step 4

If you want you can pray, visualize, and so on right now, what feels right at the moment ... if it continues to flow - the water takes it with you, ..... Heals, opens and provides the right vibration and energy .... enjoy everything that you get, feel, experience knowing that not everything needs to be clear, but that your soul can place everything at the right time and get to work with it. Relax and let it come to you.


Step 5
Write down what you have experienced in your dream diary !, write random words, places for a vision board, etc. - use the inspiration immediately and let it flow through during the day or while you sleep.
Water has a great effect that can last up to 24 hours. "It may well be that when you go to bed after relaxing shower and bathing, the dreams and visions are very vivid, more intensive, more aware and more active than before and that you can suddenly remember everything the next morning". 

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