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The power of not being unique

Published on July 26, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Being unique is a fashion trend, it gives you a very good feeling and we use it (un) consciously very often. Just as well as the positive affirmations as I am special, I am standing special come to feel a lot for us ourselves. But did you know that this just blocks your unique soul growth and enlightenment !.

We are all unique, beautiful, important, special, special and so on. There is no one more than another, there is no one who is so special that he / she is superior to anyone else !. 
Let me take myself as an example to explain the concept of "The power of not being unique."

I am a dream expert "yes that is a fact, I am an expert simply because I have probably eaten more dreams and coaching self-help books than other people. Or because I have followed more training courses in dreams and visions than other people. Or simply simply gone because I started earlier than opinion other.


It is my interest, feeling, my soul that has set me on this path. It is my life, what I was already looking for as a little girl; it is my blueprint and my soul's mission to do this. That is why I am an expert; but that is also the only reason why I dare to stick the expert sticker. I am not a very good writer, I am an average writer and coach who simply loves to share knowledge and wisdom with other people. And when people get involved, I am both the student and the teacher !. Enlightenment and Soul Growth arises if you do not experience yourself better, more unique than the rest; but equivalent and equally special.

Remove the words unique, special, special from your dictionary and experience soul growth !.

We are all the same, we all want the same in life. You probably recognize them "Being heard, Being loved, Being successful and Being appreciated". What makes one personality more special than the rest ?. Think about it, what makes you more, better than anyone else ?.
We all start as babies, we grow up becoming teenagers, we grow up and eventually we die after a wonderful life; regardless of what you have achieved, learned and / or have done. If you manage not to see yourself as unique, more special, better if ... ... Then there is room for enlightenment, spiritual growth and development from the highest good. We all do stupid things, make wrong decisions and we all do great things and are successful in our own way.


My hands always itch when sticking stickers - that is a narcissist, that is a bad person, my work is unique because I am spiritual ... ... ... ... ehhh. The I Am Special, Unique Stamp is actually a narcissistic trait. It takes you further away from the enlightened path of life that synchronizes with your task on this earth as a soul.

See all people right or wrong, as unique, special, talented, valuable and special people including yourself. You make big leaps forward towards heart-oriented thinking if you are aware that everyone is equally important. Stop putting people in a corner including yourself "you are always the student and the teacher together".

Consider your mistakes and embracing your pain embracing them and appreciate them; these are the first steps to enlightenment or soul growth!


But Marjan, what should I say to myself during an affirmation; how should I describe myself? ..

I deserve the highest good, I am worthy of .... I act from my strength, I am connected to my source, my basis, your highest good may be a good start! ... And of course you are special and unique because we are all regardless of your inner and outer appearance. Of course positive affirmations work - of course you can tell yourself that you are worth it - provided you keep in mind that every being on this planet is worth it.

You level yourself up with the rest of this planet. So that you are able to balance the weight of the world and embrace the soul growth after which you are looking. Because you always tell yourself that you are unique, special and more special than ... you block the balance between energy flows of giving and taking.

You can also think of connecting with your guides and helpers at higher levels such as 5th and 6th or even 7th dimensions. Of course you are unique and special but so is your neighbor, the man in prison, the guru and a two-day-old baby. Stand on an equal level with the rest and see what can happen in your life and you will be surprised what wonders of soul experiences you will get.

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