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The art of getting lost in a dream

Published on August 2, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Getting lost in your dreams and visions is a true art for your soul; it is pure panic, fear and ignorance - but for your soul it is the ultimate opportunity to grow and develop. We really want control!
Just think, how do you feel if you don't know how the story ends?

What if you come across something scary and / or you no longer know which path to take? ...

It is both scary and exciting at the same time. In addition, your ego likes to feel pain, sadness, fear as if it is a kind of kick that we have to move on to get in the way of inner balance and happiness.
One of the most difficult lessons in life is "let go, have faith in the universe, your soul, your source, your base, god, the higher and / or there with which you are connected". It sounds so easy and you probably knew this too ....

But it is really the only solution. "Let go end let God". * text Dr Wayne W Dyer.


What if you learn to get lost in your dreams or visions, daydreams, meditations - trust your heart, your feeling, your source, the universe; your guides and helpers and / or those with whom you are connected! ... How would you feel if this works? ... ... Good, fine, less anxious, no panic but certainty and safe.

Getting lost is not only good for your empathy, creativity, independence, etc., but also for the growth and development of your soul, soul assignments, deep hidden messages and closed emotions, feelings that you have hidden deep within your being. As if you were walking through your own unique maze every night - with creaking doors, dusty cellars, dark tunnels, deep forests and open plains that you created yourself.

It is the combination if you can trust your feelings, intuition, lower abdomen, the universe god and / or there with which you have a connection during the day then you can do that even when you sleep. Your dreams and visions, meditations will go completely different if you experience awareness that you are always in control from your intuition, your soul, your basis. Whereby you quickly take great steps forward in your life, soul growth and development - your connection with your guides, helpers, god and so on.


This has to do with the fact that if you learn to let go of control in your waking life, you can do so in your dreams, visions and meditations. Of course the one is connected to the other so if you let go in your dream world then you can also better in your waking life! ... ... ..

I have developed a dream lost exercise that teaches you how to get lost well and balanced. This exercise consists of 2 parts-waking life dream get lost exercise. And the dream get lost exercise both are equally important and together form the successful get lost.

You can perform the exercises independently of each other, you don't have to do it one after the other - it's the combination that builds trust. If you can get lost during the day then you can do it easily when you sleep. 


Day consciousness dream get lost exercise

Step 1
Relax and relax, clear your head and possibly ask for signals from the universe and / or there with which you have a connection.
Step 2
Get in the car, get on the bike, take the train, do something unexpected that is outside of your immediate surroundings. Go on the road without a smartphone, without navigation, without a map. But with a compass (you always have your inner compass with you). So do not worry.
You don't have to go far into nature right away - simply getting lost in your own city does wonders! The most important thing is that you learn to trust your intuition by getting lost in your waking life, you connect yourself with your lower abdomen, soul, base and so on.



Step 3
Be surprised and keep control, do not hold the strings. Let the unknown appear to you - if you want to stop then you stop and you want to get deeper then you continue. So walk, cycle, drive a car without a plan, route. Have faith that you will end up where you need to be.
Maybe your destination can't place it in the first place and you don't get it .... But take it from me practice makes perfect ... Learn to listen to your lower abdomen, your feeling, intuition. A nice tip is that everyone can consciously get lost and yet end up in the right place again. You always come home and that is not a very big step forward! So the lesson is not getting lost; but learn to listen and trust yourself, your guides, helpers, universe, your intuition, your soul and so on

Step 4
Write down your experiences in a diary / notebook. Do this as soon as you reach your destination. It gives you insight into what you have experienced and / or what you have encountered and so on. This diary is the beginning of becoming aware of the fact that you can experience the connection with your dream getting lost. Use this diary / notebook during your dream lost exercise and write down both stories and see immediately the similarities and growth that comes out of it.


Are you ready? ... ... To take step 2 "Dream get lost exercise".


Step 1
Make the firm decision before you go to sleep to get lost during your dreams. Keep this image and feeling tight until the last minutes before going to sleep, focus on feeling protected; but open to your guides, helpers, supporters and especially to yourself, your soul, your source and your base and so on
Step 2
Provide a quiet sleeping environment where you are completely at ease and relax yourself, taking care to ensure that you do not have a cell phone or other steam device in your area for example. This causes interference during your protected sleep and your protected dream status.


Step 3
The most important step! .... Lie down in bed, relax and unwind. Always remember your intention to get lost in control. Let go and remember your relaxed state of dreams that makes everything flow, then it is quite possible that your dream will be completely protected and lost. You decide where you go, what you experience, what you see; what door you open, what is present in the dark forest and so on.
Step 4
A most important next step: you must remain completely fearless, have faith with regard to any dream image that appears to you knowing that you yourself have got lost in control; you decide where you go and how it forms and develops.
Step 5
When you wake up or from a meditation, visualization you write down your experiences in a notebook or journal. This gives you insight into what you have experienced and / or what you have encountered and so on. This diary / notebook is the beginning of awareness of the fact that you can experience the connection with your dream get lost. Use this diary during your dream lost exercise and write down both stories and immediately see the similarities and the growth that results from which you can recognize the common thread and so on.

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