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Strengthen your dreams with scent aroma

Published on 8 August 2019 at 07:00

Scent aromas bring your dreams, visions more than just a nice scent, relaxation and relaxation moment - it connects you to the depths of your source, your base and your soul. It enhances the vibration in your bedroom, it supports the ability to pick up the vibration that is present in your body.

It enhances the vibration from the universe, the energy in and around your house and / or the environment where you are.
It reflects your energy and your soul connections that flow from your source and stimulates all your senses, ... so that you can experience a deeper connection from your soul, clear hearing, clear feeling, clear vision, clear knowing and so on.

Why is the use of fragrance aromas so important?


If you use for sleeping and / or vision, meditating, visualizing, manifesting scented candles, scented oil, you incorporate this great vibration in the process whereby you attract what you want, what you want answers to and so on. It provides a full opening of your chakras your connection to the higher spiritual, guides, helpers and supporters. 

It affects your entire inner and outer appearance. Every vibration has its own effect and you experience this on both conscious and unconscious levels. It stimulates your senses, it ensures a good connection with the earth and therefore it flows up from your core to the higher spiritual dimensions such as 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and so on.

It connects you with the elements of earth, fire, water and air. Every person has his own soul odor, body odor and can be enhanced by a certain combination of scents and other supplements such as crystals, flowers and so on.

Through your soul odor you can connect with your twin soul, soul group, soul mates, like-minded and / or with whom you have made an appointment in a previous life and so on. Using personal dream scents ensures that you experience growth in many areas; that your meditations, dreams, visions and especially the awareness of the fact that big leaps forward. 


It is more than just a nice memory, it is a dream vibration that you want to achieve!

It is to return to that special moment; this is precisely what you can accompany with the right aroma; it evokes something in you !. It provides an emotional experience, vibration that supports you to find what you are looking for and then it doesn't matter what it is and / or what emotions and feelings it evokes in you, it is always personal and only for your soul and intended for your life.
It is of course also possible that certain scents do not flow with your own energy and soul odor! ..... A kind of blockage can arise - so listen carefully when buying and / or making a scented candle, fragrance oil. In general it is known that synthetic scents do not flow well or do not flow at all and block you. In addition, when you are hypersensitive, hsp, new age child, the less you experience the connection on a soul level with synthetic scents.


Burn a half-hour scented candle regularly, scented aroma oil and you will see that you sleep well, meditate and visualize. Burn fragrance aroma candle, fragrance aroma oil not too long, the longer you burn it the stronger the vibration and energy!

Creating your own scent aroma is very simple and very fun to do.

You can find many different ways for this at Pintrest; I have found some great links that are very worth sharing! You may think, easily, she just shares a link; and I understand that, but I am a dreaming expert, visionary expert and not an odor making expert! That is why I leave this step to the pros! Of course you can also buy great scent aromas at various spiritual / new-age stores! 

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