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Living from the dream source

Published on August 15, 2019 at 7:00 AM

How nice it would be if you could fully trust your source, your basis or your intuition strengthened from your soul connection, soul assignment.

You have probably seen it come through in my blogs before and maybe you think that she will come back to trading .....
There is a reason that I want to share with you !. It doesn't matter what you call it but it is the deepest connection that there is and that you can experience that goes beyond your ego.
So it is anything but logic; listening to your heart's desire (heart-focused thinking) is a good example of this.


Living from your dream source is more than heart-focused thinking - it's about the physical and tangible. One person calls it soul, the other spirit, the next source and so on. But it is nothing more and nothing less than connecting to your entire being beyond your ego. The nice thing is that when you sleep you go beyond any kind of ego !, There is no better moment than living from your source than through your dreams and visions, meditations, visualizations.

The closer you get to yourself, the more you learn from yourself.

Dreams, visions are your source, your base, your purest form, your soul !. There is nothing as strong as the moment you sleep - when you sleep there are no doubts, question marks, choices, diversions. The feeling is like that and it goes beyond all your conscious senses, .. it is beyond science, knowledge and skill and therefore it is also contrary to what you learn when you are a child. Always listen to your mind, right? ..
Um ..... logic is not always that logical !. Your source is always correct, it is not possible to play with it, it is no longer possible to argue or hold meetings, to discuss - it is so! Living from your source makes the difference, it is pure, it is open and it is always the right choice and inspiring for both yourself and other people. Dreaming and acting from your source also knows no bounds; that what you feel, see, smell, experience is more than just fantasy - it is that little piece of purity that no one else understands, understands or finds logical.


Did you know that dream puzzle pieces do not fit together when your ego comes in!

Your source does not hide anything, nothing for yourself and also during your waking life if you want to explain the dream, vision, meditation. Making logical puzzle pieces together is only possible if it comes from your source.

Your dreams, visualizations, meditations, visions can only be experienced from your source, felt, experienced and become tangible if the ego does not interfere with it !.

Leave the thinking (ratio) to the moments when it is necessary! ... allow dreaming from your source and let it flow without you having to be afraid of losing yourself.


Living from your dream source exercise.
Step 1

Make the firm decision before you go to sleep from your source, base, soul and / or with which you feel connected to dream, retain this image and feeling well until the last minutes before going to sleep. Don't focus, let it flow; relax and try not to control. It sounds contradictory, but relax and have faith.

Step 2

Provide a quiet sleeping environment where you are completely at ease and relax yourself, taking care to ensure that you do not have a cell phone or other steam device in your area for example. This causes interference during your sleep and dreams from your source.

Step 3

Sit on the edge of your bed and / or on a chair so that you can reach the floor with your feet. Go down with your attention and focus on your feet. Feel how your legs touch the chair and / or your bed edge. Feel how your feet make contact with the ground - feel the floor covering, parquet and so on.

Step 4

Become aware of your breathing, your source, your base, your heart, your soul that gently pulls you into the chair or bed with a pre-energy. Go with your attention to your feet; Imagine transparent pearly roots growing out of your feet. Those roots anchor you deep into the earth and ensure that you dream from your source, vision, act meditate, visualize.

Step 5

From your roots you see a beautiful transparent energy coming up that touches the universe, the sky, the higher and flows from your crown - Take this status to the next step.

Step 6

The most important step! .... Lie down in bed, relax. Always remember that you dream from the source, your base, your soul and / or with which you feel the connection. Let go and remember your relaxed state of dreams that makes everything flow, then it is quite possible that your dream will be fully experienced from the source.

Step 7

A most important next step: You have to let go and have faith in yourself, your soul, your source, your basis, the purest part of yourself. Have faith in every dream image that appears to you knowing that you are currently receiving information, soul growth, development, answers, etc. from your source. From your source you are the writer of your soul dreams, the vision script.

Step 8

Sleep well and relax.

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