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4 simple sleepingtips

Published on August 17, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Sleeping is a challenge for one while the other sleeps like a baby! How is that possible? .. Maybe you have a partner who sleeps perfectly; while you yourself are turning for hours and can't get some sleep ...
How is it possible that sleeping has become a challenge? We are sleeping worse and there are several reasons why this is the case.
First, you probably have too much to do, obligations, work, and so on. In addition, you probably go to bed late because you still can't sleep or because early bedtime is not necessary anyway. You stay up too long, and better active for too long, which means you really can't sleep.

With all the consequences that entails that you postpone it yourself. Did you know that sleep is the best meditation there is! .... Mindfulness life starts with sleeping and not just taking time for yourself during the day.
Is sleeping a challenge for you ?. With these simple 4 tips you can certainly get started successfully to sleep better. Sleeping better ensures that you feel better during the day, feel better in your skin, can handle more and so on. "Sleeping well starts with yourself", not going to bed late ...


Here the 4 simple sleep tips to sleep better

Tip 1 start with your bed !. Also look at your pillow and mattress; replace if necessary.

Adjust it to your sleeping position! During the night you take many different positions and many of these positions are not very good for your back, neck and so on. See below; are you a back sleeper, belly sleeper etc .. Buy a suitable pillow for this so that your backbone stays in the right shape during the night; this reduces a lot of twist, hassle so that you can wake up rested and rested.
 Also look at the sleeping position, mattress, pillow of your possible partner!
 Sleep on the right side of the bed, possibly opt for separate slatted frames, mattresses and so on. Also look at the comforter; one person sweats more than the other, heats up faster and so on. If you coordinate this with each other then you both sleep much better and you reduce sleeplessness, back and neck complaints.

Tip 2 Start by relaxing ....

Make sure you can fully relax and unwind when you go to sleep. So switch off your telephone, TV and other electronic devices, they interfere with your personal energy. You can also think about avoiding coffee, soft drinks and / or that contains any kind of energy generators - just eating something quickly before you want to go to bed is also not a great choice (your body remains active). Relax and take the time to process the energy of the day by not doing anything except maybe reading a book and / or something that has nothing to do with being active. You can fall asleep much better if you take the time to end the day quietly.




Tip 3 The bedroom has only 1 function and that is to be a bedroom.


The bedroom is not there to work, live and be active in. Keep the bedroom as a No Go Zone during the day. Lock up your bed so that you close the night and embrace the new day and make it active. If you give the bedroom the bedroom function. Is there also an awareness (mind set) of the fact that you can only sleep here and so on; so you also end up in sleep mode earlier and sleep better. This tip is also important for children who have difficulty sleeping.

Tip 4 Clean up your bedroom !.

Avoid Clutter, an uncluttered bedroom causes stress, also think of things under your bed that ensures that the energy that you experience when you sleep is interrupted. Open a window while you sleep and / or during the day so that fresh air can come in.

As an alternative Tip you can also think of Magnesium

Magnesium loosens muscles and lets you relax, watch out if you are stressed you consume a lot of magnesium so that you remain active; If you want to sleep better, you could consider taking additional nutritional supplements that contain magnesium. (never do this without consulting a doctor or specialist) 

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