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Dream Cloud

Published on 20 August 2019 at 07:00

Nowadays we want everything fast, faster, it must be tangible and it must be now. Yesterday was actually too late but what if I tell you that dreams, visions, meditations, visualizations are just like a computer.

Sometimes the hard disk is simply full of junk such as vision reminder spam and unnecessary dream photos, visualization films and so on. The delay sustained is a hidden and necessary blessing.

Your dream cloud ensures that you can clean up, clean up, revise, re-view the dreams, visions, visualizations whenever you want. It's not gone, it's still available but you don't have to wear it and have it with you every day.


Slow down your dream computer today before you crash. Clean it up, tidy it up and release the superfluous so that it is no longer actively present during your dreams, visions, meditations and visualizations. Save it and hand it over to your personal dream cloud knowing that you can always reach it when it is really needed.
Of course there are also many things important that you want to keep it directly with you. You don't have to store everything in the cloud, but you can just put it on your hard drive and use it when you need it. When you sleep, you process your daily life, that which is important you give a place in your brain, you organize it when you sleep.
But that does not mean that your dreams, visions, visualisations cannot become too much to ever explain, make clear and / or put together puzzle pieces. There are also things that are not important at the moment; only return over a longer period of time or perhaps never return and / or be important in your dream life. Of course there are also things that you may have already begotten, explained and / or made clear - these can be let go - you decide for yourself.


It is very important that you also clear up your dreams, visions, meditations and visualizations.

It provides space for new knowledge, wisdom, new dreams.
Reduced stress, burnout complaints.

It brings new energy and dissolves old karma.
  You don't have to wear it anymore.

Better sleep, visions, meditate, visualize and manifest.
Reduced physical complaints such as headache, abdominal pain, etc., because the pressure is released.

Renewed connection with your soul, your source, your base and / or with which you are connected.


The dream cloud exercise



Step 1 Back to the here and now.

Grab your dream diary and / or focus on your dreams, visions, meditations, visualisations of recent times. Let it flow and bring it back to the here and now. Close your eyes, make sure that you are alone and / or in a place where you can achieve a dream connection. Start by deeply breathing in and out, feeling your body unwind. Feel the relaxation shining all over your dream body. Release all dream energy and continue to breathe in and out well and let your breathing go more smoothly until it is fully balanced.




Step 2 Compassion

Let go, surrender to the dream cloud has everything to do with your dream itself. You want the answers, things, situations, explanations the way you want them. Because they need to be perfect, feel good, you want answers now, don't you? ... In short, hold on .... Compassion helps you accept that not everything goes the way you want, that not everything is available to you at this time. That not everything has to be invented, explained, translated - there are also things that are (have been) present without it meaning anything to your soul, your source and so on. Give yourself the best, by letting it go compassionately to the dream cloud so that if it ever becomes necessary your soul, your source, your base always has it available.

Step 3 Gratitude

Be grateful for the dream, vision, visualization, meditation that you have received. Be grateful for everything you have, information, knowledge, wisdom, answers and so on; you don't need more anyway !. You shift the focus on what you have in common thread, clarity, insight and you shift what you don't have to unimportant. Just know that there are dreams, visions, meditations, visualizations that have no deeper value and that is why they don't have to stay with you !.

Step 4 Flowing to the dream cloud

Breathe deeply in and out and feel everything sink into the dream cloud as you breathe. You now let go of the past with every breath and let it flow towards the dream cloud.
Say aloud or softly to yourself. I let go of my dreams, visions ……………………………… that are not important to me at the moment. I am confident that the dream answers will reappear at the right time. I only live in this moment, what I now call it. Where I am now completely at peace without expectations.
Just sit back and enjoy the moment; Goodnight now you can sleep well, dream through, visions for new knowledge, wisdom, new puzzles, answers and insights! 

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