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Mirror on the dream wall

Published on August 24, 2019 at 7:00 AM

The power of the dream mirror knows no bounds. Dreams, visions, daydreams, meditations reflect your soul, your base, your source, your heart, intuition.
It brings that to the surface, which is preferably hidden from both yourself and your environment. Very deep, dark, dark, remote, hidden something calls you "hear me" from the other side of the mirror.
Open your ears, eyes, your heart and allow me - turn the mirror around and discover what your deepest self knows, experiences and needs. We all have a dream mirror with us - consciously and unconsciously ....


Are you willing to look deep into your soul or would you rather keep it superficial? ..

Dreams, visions, meditations, daydreams are the purest form of mirroring, your deepest fears, desires that you can make clear and insightful by allowing and accepting the dream mirror. Mirror on the dream wall makes it flow and it becomes clear what I really want, feel, experience and so on. It tells you much more than you can ever imagine; The dream mirror is never ready - your dark, feelings, emotions, experiences, wrapped soul is only too happy to expose itself. All you have to do is open yourself to the dream mirror on the wall.

"The eyes are the mirror of the soul," da Vinci wrote

If you look in the mirror yourself, you only see the exterior. Only the tangible. Only the physical that can be touched. Look in the dream mirror and discover the connection with yourself, behind your eyes is your source, your base, your pure self hidden!


I have developed a great dream mirror exercise that I would love to share with you. It is a very cool but also challenging opportunity to discover your deepest self, your soul, your base, your fears and / or everything that is hidden deep within yourself. Are you ready to fully embrace yourself; get to know yourself fully and work on this every day.

Because the dream mirror does not shine once a year or a week but every day!

So everyone can do it too! Rest assured it will be alright, your soul, your source, your base will show you no more than you can handle. Your soul, your intuition knows better than anyone including yourself what is possible and what is not .... nobody knows yourself better than your soul.


Dream Mirror exercise

Step 1 Make a soul connection

Sit in front of the mirror, hold a mirror in your hand while you sit on the edge of your bed so that you can reach the floor with your feet. Go down with your attention and focus on your feet. Feel how your legs touch the chair and / or your bed edge. Feel how your feet make contact with the ground - feel the floor covering, parquet and so on. Relax and while you look at yourself. It is strange at first and you can experience shame, emotions to look at yourself in your eyes in the mirror, but in the course of the weeks you notice the dream difference (You get to know yourself internally!) You don't have to say anything; of course you can always talk and even combine it with affirmation and so on.

Step 2 Earth and relax

Become aware of your breathing, your source, your base, your heart, your soul that gently pulls you into the chair or bed with energy. Go with your attention to your feet; Imagine transparent mirror roots growing out of your feet. Those roots anchor you deep into the earth and ensure that you dream from your source, visualize, act meditate, visualize daydream.


Step 3 Flow from your dream mirror

From your roots you see a beautiful translucent mirror of energy coming up that touches the universe, the sky, the higher and flows through your crown - Take this status to the next step.

Step 4 Sleep with the mirror energy

Make the firm decision to look deeply into your soul mirror while sleeping so that it can flow from your source, base, soul and / or with which you feel connected. Keep this image and feeling tight until the last minutes before bedtime. Don't focus, let it flow; relax and try not to control. It sounds contradictory, but relax and have faith.


Step 6 Mirror source

The most important step! .... Lie down in bed, relax. Always remember that you dream from the source, your base, your soul and / or with which you feel the mirror connection. Let go and remember your relaxed state of dreams that makes everything flow, then it is quite possible that your dream will be fully experienced from the reflecting source.

Step 7 Trust your source and power

A most important next step: You have to let go and have faith in yourself, your soul, your source, your basis, the purest part of yourself. Have faith in every dream image that appears to you knowing that you are currently receiving information, soul growth, development, answers, etc. from your source, your inner mirror. From your source you are the writer of your soul dreams, the vision script.


Step 8

Sleep tight.

Step 9 Awareness of the fact that ....

Write everything down in your dream diary when you wake up. 

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