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Tune in on your dream cycle

Published on 6 September 2019 at 07:00

Did you know that dreams and visions are connected not only to what you experience, experience and may process daily, but also to the cycle of your body (menstruation, pregnancy, menopause), the positions of the moon, sun and elements.

You can also think of your child, baby cycle and your adolescent, young adult, adult and older adult period. Every cycle is different and is experienced differently.
What if I tell you that if you are in a lesser period (winter), your dreams and visions also change and feel less pleasant.
As if you are in retreating energy, stagnant period, rest, turn in and only start moving again when the dream cycle starts flowing again.


Spring brings with it a completely different dream, vision, meditation energy, which also synchronizes with your frame of reference and / or life energy and soul. In the fall you are busy finishing while you are reaping the fruits in the summer and this whole process will come back next year and the year after that. In fact, the process is repeated day after day.

Every dream, vision, meditation, daydream is made up of a recurring cycle. Which you can best compare with building a book; an intro, the story and the conclusion. You repeat this process over and over as your dream, vision, meditation, daydream evolves, and the cycle keeps repeating as the tide ebbs and floods only the energy changes as you sleep, meditate, daydream, and so on.
What if you can tune in to the dream cycle you are in? ...

Then you connect more with yourself, you understand dreams, messages, life lessons, soul assignments and common thread much better. You sleep better if you connect yourself to the right cycle of life - the question is, are you in ebb or flow - is it full moon for you or does the new moon begin in your life. When the sun comes up, do you pick the fruits or are you just going to plant them.

Ask yourself the question am I a morning person or an evening person ?. This is the first step towards discovering your dream cycle.


The dream cycle is different for every person, the flow of life is different for everyone at every moment of the day, ... no one is on the exact same line at the moment.
It is your own blueprint that needs attention and can be fully appreciated, loved and used if you connect yourself to your own cycle.
Dreams, visions, daydreams, meditations build up, come to fruition and complete again.


Learn to understand when you connect to your full potential and when you can harvest. By simply listening, looking at your dreams, visions, daydreams, meditation cycle. Daydreams when you just wake up are also very different from daydreams that you experience at the end of the day !.

Is it that simple marjan ?.

Yes, if you keep track of your dreams, visions, daydreams and meditations for a longer period of time, you will see a recurring pattern associated with the cycle of the planet, the sun, the moon, and your phase of life and so on.
I take the menopause transition as an example. As soon as this is revealed in your life, your dreams, visions, meditations and daydreams also change .... As a start dream, vision in transition you can think of babies, animals, family, friends, unfinished phases. The second stage (new lunar period) is mainly blood, swimming, affection. As a third stage (full moon stage) rest and retreat, work on yourself and so on.


If you go to work with this, you can see very well in what phase you are in your menopause. In which phase you can best undertake something. 
In which phase is the right time to do something? Welcome moment it is a good idea to take a step in place.
Another nice dream cycle is that when you end a period in your life, you have endured a learning process, you overcome that you end a cycle.

This cycle no longer repeats itself, but changes and / or automatically transforms into another new energy that also continues to flow and repeat and so on.


Tune in on your dream cycle basic exercise 


Step 1 Keep a dream cycle diary!

Make a note of which nights you lie awake and when you sleep well. The Full Moon, new moon, crescent moon or waning moon have influence on your body and are the first to indicate your dream cycle. After you have noted this, you also know which lunar cycle you are connected to; this is the first step !.
Then you continue - If you can meditate well, daydream, visions this is during full moon, new moon, crescent moon or waning moon this tells you what you are deeply connected to and what does not flow with your dream energy and your soul, your source, your base and so on.



Step 2 Floor for your dream cycle diary!

Describe your age cycle, or the life period in which you are. In addition to the positions of the moon and the sun, it also provides a very good connection with the dream cycle. Check which previous life cycles you have gone through and / or what you experienced as an adolescent and so on. It is a piece of self-reflection that is needed to find your dream cycle and to grow and develop quickly. Think of your child, baby cycle and your adolescent, young adult, adult and older adult period.



Step 3 Who am I? ...

Are you a morning person, evening person ?. Do you like to wake up early or do you like to go to bed late and work when the sun is down or are you more active when the birds are singing outside. Inspiration comes the moment you are deeply connected to your energy, your cycle and generally flows much less when you are not in your element.

Step 4 Where am I currently in my dream, project, wish and so on

   If all goes well, you already know to a large extent what you are connected to. So you already know what is not flowing .... The next step is figuring out which part of your project, wish, project, etc. is ..... Are you planting the seeds or are you harvesting right now, I am in the build-up phase, finishing? .... Then also describe this in your diary.



Step 5 Red common thread dream cycle

Now you have a first basic insight into what you are connected to, where you stand and how you react to things that have been achieved - when your dreams, visions flow best and so on. Get started with this thread! ... Use this knowledge to get the best out of your dream cycle. You will see that a cycle is repeated again and again, starts again, ends and comes to full bloom and so on.

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