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Autumn Dreams

Published on October 3, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Turning inwards we dream in the fall, just take a step on the spot but above all work on yourself. It is time to retreat and enjoy daydreaming and meditating.
Let the manifestation, affirmation, visualization just for what it is, ignore you. Let the warmth of the inner fire burn.
  During the fall it's time to collect dream energy, take care of yourself, get ready for the winter or the quiet dream period. See also my completion of a dream period, winter, Christmas dream blog posts.
The fall dreams not only ensure that you learn to discover the deepest core of your being, but also that you connect with your life purpose, assignments and so on. You can also think of making energetic connections with like-minded and twin souls, soul mates and / or animals.


Just dig a little deeper and also keep things that you use or handle later at a suitable time. It is not letting go and taking action on your dreams, but taking care of visions, beware of the place and let it rest.


You close the summer energy, as it were, an energy in which you have reaped the benefits and now you take the time to care for and appreciate your successes. Take the time to do nothing, enjoy what you have and not look at what you don't have.
The fall energy is a wonderful challenge to simply let your dreams enjoy and let them stand in peace for a while. Don't explain your dreams, visions, daydreams, don't give them a place but just let them flow. Take a step back, look down on it and wait; enjoy the inner warmth and fire that burns in your dreams. 

You can also think of the decay of the cycle of life, the decay, death and rebirth, the end and the new beginning. Protection and support.

But Marjan ?. Are my autumn dreams not important or translatable!

Yes, but sometimes it is a good time to make the tea, make the coffee before you drink it. Sttt listen to your dream moment, clear your mind, meditate and relax knowing that the right answers come at the right time.
Autumn dreams, daydreams and meditations are very important, they form the basis of peace and balance; (re) writing, correcting, evaluating, finding yourself and preparing for the silent period that follows. 

Are you ready to get to know yourself better? ... embrace autumn and discover.

It is the right time to connect deeply with your feelings, intuition and source, basis, your guides and helpers. The veil between the worlds, dimensions is thinner during the fall than during the rest of the year !. Finding your inner light, illuminating your own path of life - inspiring yourself and everyone who hooks up. Let fall inspire you to allow mindfulness and grow from the highest good.

Autumn dream exercise

Step 1

Sit comfortably, relax upright. Not too tight, not too loose. Eyes closed or just slightly opened. Breathe in deeply and slowly a few times. This way you naturally relax deeper. Your attention remains clear and alert.
Focus your attention on the natural rhythm of your breath, your heart and the turning in of autumn. If you find yourself distracted, release the distraction and bring your attention back to the breath in the here and now. Stttt be quiet listen to yourself and let it flow !.

Step 2

 Keep a close eye on your breathing, your heart rhythm, stay in this relaxed state as earth, soil, fallen leaves, nuts, chestnuts appear before your earth.


See it before you touch it, feel the ground, the earth, leaves slip through your fingertips, feel it touch your skin, put your hand between the leaves and leave a print. Feel the connection you have with the earth and autumn and let your handprint flow while you look deep into your heart, your body. Feel the fall energy flowing through your body and feel the connection with your entire being and the beautiful planet earth.

Step 3

Take this status of your grounding status to bed. Lie down on the bed and relax and maintain the connected autumn status. Let it all go and remember your relaxed state of dreams that makes everything flow. It is quite possible that your new moon dream will be fully experienced from your source, your base and from your earthly, loving life.

Step 4

Sleep well and let everything go, live from your fall energy and grounding source, your base. It is safe to be who you are, who you were and where you want to go in life. Let it flow and develop while you take a step in place, be kind to yourself and while you sleep, meditate, daydream, and so on.

Step 5

Sleep softly, Sleep is the best meditation there is .... Let everything heal, clean up, heal lovingly unwind while you sleep.

Step 6

Write everything down in your dream diary when you wake up. You can keep a dream diary like this! ...
The next step is also the most important step to unpack your autumn dream. Write it down in a dream journal - know that autumn dreams do not always have to be translated - sometimes letting them rest is a good start!

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