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Gratitude sleep and dream tips

Published on October 23, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Gratitude affects your sleep, dreams, visions, daydreams "your happiness status" Be thankful for everything you have. It sounds difficult and it is also difficult - focusing on what you don't have is much easier.
If you are grateful for that job you don't like, two left shoes, your current home, your health and so on. Then reduced stress, you feel better in your skin, dream, sleep, vision, you also meditate much better. 
It is gratitude that ensures that a shift can take place from negative to positive. You attract that to what you do not want, so if you disappoint your current situation then you attract it. If you want change in your life, more successful, happier, make your dreams come true, change your thoughts.
Embrace gratitude and experience the feeling of happiness that makes you dream and sleep better.
You will see that when you let go of the negative, your dreams start giving signals, your dreams flow better. Become less scary, nightmares disappear, become more aware and that you make quick steps forward in life. Better sleep, less stress, more energy during the day only by being thankful for what you have that what you do have in life.

You probably know the spell, see the blessings in every moment! I myself hated this wording for years. Because how can you see blessings in a job that doesn't suit you, a job for which you have to literally drag yourself out of bed. How can you count blessings if you feel that you cannot get beyond the stress that has crept into your entire being.
Sleeping, dreaming, meditating and visualizing remain a challenge because you are blocking yourself. You keep yourself from being happy, sleeping better, dreaming better and so on.
When it became apparent to me that I was responsible for my happiness, something changed in my life. I learned that gratitude is the first step to better sleep, dreams, daydreams, visions, visualization and so on. You just have to do less for it. The feeling of happiness is present and therefore everything is lighter even the less fun things are opportunities.

Gratitude sleep and dream tips

Go to bed with a sense of happiness "be thankful for what happened that day"

Get up with the idea of ​​happiness, a new day, new opportunities, new people.

Look at it through the eyes of a child. (I wrote it before) Today I can eat pancakes!
Look over the negative (stay aware that it is there but skip it as it were).

Focus on what is present in advance, and what is present in your life afterwards. Example you have to be at work at 9 o'clock. What are you going to do before you get to work? ... And what are you going to do after you get back from work?
Write down the gratitude / sleep tracker and / or mood tracker in your dream diary !.
Note the daily / learning moments when something goes wrong, when do I block my positive fibe ?. Know when your thoughts drop negatively?

You can think of the moment when you bump your toe against the door jamb. As it were, stop your thoughts for a moment, stand still and ask yourself the question what did I think about now? ... If you have this piece under control then you keep your thoughts grateful and positive during the day too.

  Another tip is that gratitude comes from your deepest core, your heart, your source, your basis, or mind-centered thinking. Your ego is the blockade. Your head, your thoughts, your fears are strengthened by your ego and it causes you to end up in a negative spiral. If you break through this, you will experience gratitude, being happy from your deepest core.

A loving dream greeting
Marjan Klop founder and blogger

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