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Dream Energy Week 19

Published on May 4, 2019 at 7:53 PM

Sometimes you put an energy, a dream, wish, intention, you fill in the entire story on an (un) conscious level. With that you fix everything while there are various possibilities that are much better, more fun or deeper and more intense than you can ever predict. Adjusting may sound like a challenge, but this week we ask you to view everything from the eyes of the other. Flow with the right energy and adapt to what is important right now.

Take the time to adjust to what appears to you, let the life story develop and flow from moment to moment.
View it step by step, of course you may have a larger whole as your ultimate dream. We do not ask you to abandon your dreams, wishes and ideas, but to look left and right, to be careful about the bumps and obstacles. You can let the path in front of you walk along with all your senses so that you can fill in every moment that appears to you.

Know that adapting, changing, learning, and studying will only bring greater success. Sometimes it's winter, sometimes it's spring and sometimes you're in the middle of a fertile period! Take the time to enjoy everything and know that every moment in your life actually brings you what you need. If you are able to adapt, change things and flow with what lies ahead, you will also see that your ultimate dream goal is within reach faster than you could ever dream of. 

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