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Dream Energie Week 17

Published on April 21, 2019 at 3:00 PM

Let your pure energy flow, feel your heart speak this month while all your dreams, wishes, ideas, visions come true. This week's dream energy is all about your heart, what does it tell you; listen to the signals from your heart and know that your heart is never wrong. Your heart is the center of everything, everything around you, your body and of course also of your whole being.

Allow the flowing loving fire energy and connect with your deepest being. Let the passion flow, love yourself and your loved one. Be loving and open yourself to like-minded people and / or people who can help and support you right now from heart-focused thinking.

The heart has the answers, the heart flows where nothing else makes vibration or energy feel. Your heart reflects your whole being and everything you want and / or can achieve. Take time to love yourself, enjoy the moments alone - it's me time and surround yourself with love yourself.
The dream energy invites you to truly be yourself, to let your beautiful masculine and feminine energy shine and to inspire everyone you meet on your path including yourself. You can actually see it that way, if you inspire yourself on your life path, other people join in and you don't have to bother (it just comes, it is already there). Be yourself, listen to your heart, your true feelings and let it shine.


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