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Dream Energy Week 21

Published on May 18, 2019 at 5:50 PM

Take the time this week to tell you the truth, what do I want, what do I feel, where do I want to go; my wish, my dream, this is what I experience and so on. You will be challenged this week to communicate about everything that happens in your life and especially where you encounter in life. It is not easy to stand up for what you stand for, what you need and / or what you feel.

We also ask you to put your fears about drills. Fear of being judged, Maybe you are afraid that others will not appreciate your directness. What if the other person suddenly no longer likes me and / or they find me strange and so on. Communication fears can play a major role in your life and in your soul growth and development.

We ask you to take a look deep inside yourself, possibly investigate past lives and talk about your true feelings. With talking you can heal relationships, heal yourself, the situation, karma and so on and you can breathe freely toward what you really want in life. 

This week is the right time to talk about things that you have hidden so far, talk about what is on your heart and talk about what you want. If you can't talk, take the time this week to write, app, blog, and so on.

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