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Dream Energy Week 23

Published on June 4, 2019 at 6:24 PM

This week is full of challenges, obstacles and learning opportunities that you can convert to closing off unhealthy patterns and so on. It may even be that there is someone who makes you feel unfair, harsh words and strong forces play a major role this week.

You take a different path in this way, you dissolve karma and take new steps. It may be that you do this out of fear and / or that you feel that you are being forced to make certain choices.

Ultimately you see the solution, you experience the inner peace, you see that you can make the right choices by staying close to yourself and so on. It is a Dream Week in which you feel limited, you learn and dissolve, you redeem so that you can attract a new energy. An energy that flows better and fits you better. We ask you to be powerful, but also to look through the eyes of the others involved.

Know that everyone acts, responds from the highest good. You too act and respond from your past, your life lessons and so on. This week is not about who is right and / or who is better at life !. It is about dissolving karma, old wounds and breaking new unexpected ways that suddenly open up to you as you become aware of your own influence.
As it were, you will be awakened this week so that you can give it a place to reflect and so on. We ask you to flow with the flow, the waves of the sea; not to swim against the current.  

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