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Dream Energy Week 24

Published on June 9, 2019 at 11:47 AM

This week you experience the creative and inspiration opportunities, the right options, sparkling and more. We ask you to be creative and then it doesn't matter what you want to do "you can be creative in many different ways".

You can think of many things such as writing, singing, dancing, painting; but also building, editing, developing and doing business. The dream energy challenges you to look for a new hobby, to spend time on (lost or old) hobby and interests.

You see chances and opportunities this week where you didn't see them until recently. It is time for your sparkle and your unique radiant energy. Wear the clothes that you like no matter what your surroundings think of them, rent a movie that gives you inspiration, discover what you like, go to what gives you inspiration.
The inspiration is mainly because you use your creativity. If you have found the right creative inspiration chord then know that you attract, perform and find miracles. 


You can also suffer from a creative and / or inspiration blockade this week; try not to force it but to relax and first focus on daily things. Find the balance and relax so that your energy starts flowing again. Take on the challenge and know that your creativity and inspiration will only flow if you yourself are also feeling well.
Your personality, your soul, your source comes to the deep unique radiant energy that the world needs when you are creative. See it through the eyes of your little self, how would you have looked at it as a child; see the world, your life, your situation through the eyes of a child and discover miracles, wonder and new ways.
Being creative is just like the positions of the moon, the cycle of your body and so on. Know that there are times when you have a lot of inspiration and there are times when you just have to give up in order to reap the benefits later. We all have creative qualities - each person in his / her unique way. You find your radiant energy at the right time and in the right form. 

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